Monday, March 20, 2017

Homogeneity-Heterogeneity versus Freedom

Homogeneity-Heterogeneity versus Freedom

                                                (By Najat Hamza)

 What do the Oromo people want? What have we been dying for? What are we still dying for? Where does our royalty belong? Is our loyalty to a political party? Or political ideology? Or does our loyalty lay with attaining freedom? I apologize if I bombarded you with a lot of question, this is me trying to make sense of what is going on. Most of you who criticize those of us who take our ideas to social media, to our local host countries and so on, this is how I fight. I do not have the privilege to live in my county to be there physically. Every effort has an effect however small it may seem at the present moment. So, I ask you lets stop belittling each others' effort and instead ask how can we work together to make more impact.

I want all of us to remember that revolution does not stand with soldiers with guns alone. We have to have medical team to treat our wounded. We need writers to record history and inspire others to be part of the struggle. We need journalist to report and inform the world about what is unfolding. We need logistics team to keep inventory and make sure our military operations runs smoothly. We need generals to make sure soldiers obey orders. In general, we all have parts to play in our struggle. We need to let go of this homogenized thinking mode where we all feel that our way is the right way.

We are proud of our Gadaa system and the concept of democracy; however we pick and choose which principle to embrace! Democracy is not complicated, unless we make it so. If one of the core principles of democracy is to give every voice a place to be heard then we are not doing a good job of practicing it. We need freedom to be free, to live with peace on our own land, but we do not need to wait for freedom to embrace and practice the principles of democracy. These principles are one of the unique markers of Oromo people. Then, where do we get this "my way or the highway" mentality? We do not have to agree with every ideas and opinions but we have to agree that they are as valid as another.

We forget the enemies that we have been fighting; we are fighting them because they embrace unilateralism. They suppressed voices, destroyed/destroying identities, killed/killing, tortured/torturing because they refuse to believe in these principles and the right for us to live on our land as rightful owners. We have to ask ourselves are we loyal to being right or being free? There is more to be done when we embrace each other than when we decide to play juvenile games. We all need to grow up! I do not know about you but what I want is freedom and quite frankly I do not give a damn how it is obtained as long as we get it!!

  • Why do we die?
  • Why do we fight?

P:S This is me using my freedom of expression to say Iwriteforfreedom sue me!!!

Multiple efforts are not something bad!!!
And no one person or entity has a patent to fight for or own our struggle!!! We are all under occupation and we all have equal say in fighting it. Just because I fight it, does not mean I am using your bullets!!! Even if I used your bullets to fight our enemy I am still fighting our enemy. It is a gain for all not a loss!!!