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Walhubachuufi Ilaalcha Gaarii Waliif Qabaachuu ( Understanding and Positive Thoughts)

Walhubachuufi Ilaalcha Gaarii Waliif Qabaachuu( Understanding and Positive Thoughts)

                                                  ( Hiwi - Elona irraa)
Hayyoota Xiinsammuu Keessaa tokko kan ta'e Steevan Kooveey Yaada namootaa guutumaan guututti hubachuu yoo barbaadde dursii qalbii guutudhaan dhageeffadhu, maal akka jechuu barbaadan, sababa maalitiif waanta jechuu barbaadan sana akka jedhan gadi fageenyaan hubadhu. Kuni waan baay'ee murteessaa hundi keenyayyuu irraa barachuu qabnu natti fakkaata.

Akka ilaalcha kootitti tokkoon tokkoon keenya kallattii kanaan of ilaaluutu nurra jiraata. Qaroomina ilaalchaa horannee, ilaalcha gaarii ( positive thought) of keessatti dagaagsuu qabna. Osoo hammuma fedhe yaadafi ilaalchi namaa kan nutti hadhaawus ta'ee hamma dandeenyen karaa gaaridhaan hubachuudhaaf ifaajuu qabna. Kuni hawaasa keenna dagaagsufi tumsa waliif goonu cimsuu keessatti faaydaa guddaa qaba.

Yaada/ barreeffama namni tokko dhiyeessu mata duree isaa qofa ilaalun jibbuun/ akka hin barbaachifneen qeequn yookin immoo haasaa namni tokko taasisu osoo sirritti dhageeffannee hin xumurin eenyummaa nama sanaa qofa ilaallee yaada hin barbaachisne kennuun dogongora guddaadha. Kana jechuun kennaa namni namaaf kenne tokko osoodhuma hin banin jaalachuu/ jibbuudhaan walfakkaata. Kennaan namni namaaf kennu tokko tokko uwwifni isaa bareedee keessi fokkachuun ni mala tokko tokko immoo uwwifni gubbaa isaa fokkatee keessi isaa garmalee bareedun ni mala. Kanaafuu hanga dandeenyen walhubachuudhaaf waldhageeffachuu, wal ijaarudhaaf onnachuufi kanaaf immoo eddoo hundattiifi yeroo hundatti facaasun baay'ee barbaachisaadha. Kuni qaroomina duraan qabnu daran nuuf cimsa, aadaafi safuu saba keenyaa eegaa akka tarkaanfannuuf nu tajaajila.

Ani akka dhuunfaa kootti yaadni ani dhiyeessu kamiyyuu sirriidha ilaalcha jedhu hin qabu. Hamma danda'een, akkaataa natti fakkaaten jaalalli, kabajaanifi waliigalteen uummata keenyaa akka cimuuf waan gaarii natti fakkaate nan barreessa. Dogongoran qabu yoo kan naaf eertanis ta'e haalduree tokkoon maletti sirreessee of fooyyessuudhaaf yoomiyyuu qophiidha. Kana kanin jedhuuf immoo afaanin haasa'uuf qofa osoo hin ta'in yoomiyyuu taanan uummata koo irraa amantaa guddaaa waanin qabuufi.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Feyisa Lilesa, Marathoner in Exile, Finds Refuge in Arizona

Feyisa Lilesa, Marathoner in Exile, Finds Refuge in Arizona

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The young boy was getting reacquainted with his father after an absence of six months and climbed on him as if he were a tree. The boy kissed his father and hugged him and clambered onto his shoulders. Then, when a protest video streamed on television, the boy grabbed a stick, and the lid of a pot to serve as a shield, and began to mimic a dance of dissent in the living room.
    There is much joy and relief, but also continued political complication, in the modest apartment of Feyisa Lilesa, the Ethiopian marathon runner who won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics and gained international attention when he crossed his arms above his head at the finish line in a defiant gesture against the East African nation’s repressive government.
    Afraid to return home, fearing he would be jailed, killed or no longer allowed to travel, Lilesa, 27, remained in Brazil after the Summer Games, then came to the United States in early September. He has received a green card as a permanent resident in a category for individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business and sports.
    On Valentine’s Day, his wife, Iftu Mulisa, 26; daughter, Soko, 5; and son, Sora, 3, were reunited with him, first in Miami and then in Flagstaff, where Lilesa is training at altitude for the London Marathon in April. Their immigrant visas are valid until July, but they also hope to receive green cards.
    “I’m relieved and very happy that my family is with me,” Lilesa said, speaking through an interpreter. “But I chose to be in exile. Since I left the situation has gotten much, much worse. My people are living in hell, dying every day. It gives me no rest.”
    Lilesa’s Olympic protest was against Ethiopia’s treatment of his ethnic group, the Oromo people, who compose about a third of the country’s population of 102 million but are dominated politically by the Tigray ethnic group.
    Last month, Human Rights Watch reported that, in 2016, Ethiopian security forces “killed hundreds and detained tens of thousands” in the Oromia and Amhara regions; progressively curtailed basic rights during a state of emergency; and continued a “bloody crackdown against largely peaceful protesters” in disputes that have flared since November 2015 over land displacement, constitutional rights and political reform.
    The Ethiopian government has said that Lilesa could return home safely and would be considered a hero, but he does not believe this. He lists reasons for his suspicions, and they are personal: His brother-in-law, Tokkuma Mulisa, who is in his early 20s, has been imprisoned for about a year and reportedly tortured, and his health remains uncertain. His younger brother, Aduna, also a runner, was beaten and detained by the Ethiopian military in October.
    Aduna Lilesa, 22, said he was training in Burayu, outside the capital, Addis Ababa, on Oct. 16 when soldiers approached him. They hit him in the head with the butt of a rifle, kicked him and threatened to shoot him, he said, while demanding information about Feyisa.
    Fearing for his life, a gun pointed at him, Aduna said he lied and told the soldiers what he thought they wanted to hear about his brother: “He is a terrorist; he is no good.”
    Since the Olympics, Aduna said, his wife has been suspended from her job with Ethiopian government radio. He is living with Feyisa in Flagstaff until mid-March, when he will return home to his wife and young son. “It is not safe, but my family is there,” Aduna Lilesa said. “If I live here, they will be confused.”
    Unease extends, too, to the Ethiopian running community.
    When Feyisa Lilesa runs the London Marathon, one of his primary challengers figures to be Kenenisa Bekele, a three-time Olympic champion on the track and a fellow Oromo who is considered by many the greatest distance runner of all time. The two runners were never close and tension between them increased last September in Berlin, where Bekele ran the second-fastest marathon time ever.
    Before that race, Bekele said in an interview with Canadian Running Magazine, speaking in English, which is not his first language, that “anyone have right to protest anything” but “you need to maybe choose how to protest and solve things.”
    Asked specifically about Lilesa’s Olympic protest, Bekele said it was better to get an answer from him. Asked about other Ethiopian runners who have made similar crossed-arm gestures, Bekele said that sport should be separate from politics, that everyone had a right to protest in Ethiopia and that the government was trying to “solve things in a democratic way.”
    Bekele has received some criticism for not being more forceful in his remarks, and on social media in Ethiopia there is a split between supporters of the two runners. “Many people are being killed,” Lilesa said of Bekele. “How can you say that’s democratic? I’m very angry when he says that.”
    His own social awareness, Lilesa said, began when he was a schoolboy, living on a farm in the Jaldu district, sometimes spelled Jeldu, west of Addis Ababa. Security forces used harsh tactics to break up student protests, he said, and sometimes his classmates simply disappeared. He belongs to a younger Oromo generation emboldened to resist what it considers to be marginalization by Ethiopia’s ruling party.
    “Before, people would run away; they feared the government, the soldiers,” Lilesa said. “Today, fear has been defeated. People are standing their ground. They are fed up and feel they have nothing more to lose.”
    When he was named to Ethiopia’s Olympic team last May, three months before the Summer Games, Lilesa felt it was urgent to make some kind of protest gesture in Rio de Janeiro. But he did not tell anyone of his plans. If he told his family, they might talk him out of it. If the government found out, he might be kicked off the Olympic team or worse.
    He continued to visit Oromo people detained in jail and to give money to Oromo students who had been dismissed from school and left homeless. He was wealthy for an Ethiopian, independent, and he sensed that the government monitored some of his movements.
    He worried that he could be injured or killed in a staged auto accident. Or that someone might ambush him when he was training in the forests around Addis Ababa. When the doorbell rang at his home, he went to the second floor and peered outside before answering.
    “I was really fearful,” Lilesa said. “Being an Oromo makes one suspect.”
    On the final day of the Olympics, his moment came. As he reached the finish of the marathon, in second place behind Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya and ahead of Galen Rupp of the United States, Lilesa crossed his arms. It was a familiar Oromo gesture of protest and one that carried great risk, both to his career representing Ethiopia and to his family.
    “Giving up running for Ethiopia was the least I could do, because other people were giving up their lives,” Lilesa said.
    Iftu Mulisa, his wife, was watching at home in Addis Ababa with 15 or 20 relatives and friends. There was loud cheering and celebrating, and then Lilesa crossed his arms. The cheering was replaced by silence and confusion and fear.
    “Everyone was asking: ‘Does he come home? Does he stay? What happens next?’” Mulisa said. “It was so shocking. He hadn’t told anyone.”
    For two or three days, Lilesa said, he did not answer the phone when his wife called.
    “I had put them in this position and I just didn’t know what to say to her,” he said.
    Still, he felt he had made the right decision.
    “I needed to do this,” Lilesa said. “I thought of it this way: When a soldier enlists, you know the risks, but because you swore to defend the country or the law, you don’t think about the consequences.”
    When he finally spoke to his wife, Lilesa said, he tried to calm her and tell her everything would be O.K. But the uncertainty was difficult.
    “He had never been gone more than a week or two,” Mulisa said. “Having young kids made it more difficult. They missed him and asked questions I couldn’t answer. But I was hopeful we would be reunited one day.”
    In a diplomatic whirlwind, Lilesa secured an immigrant visa to the United States and eventually moved to Flagstaff, a training hub at nearly 7,000 feet where athletes often go to enhance their oxygen-carrying capacity. He was invited there by a runner from Eritrea, which neighbors Ethiopia.
    Even in the best of situations, distance running can be an isolating life of training twice a day and sleeping. Lilesa kept in touch with his family through video chats, but they were disrupted for a period when the Ethiopian government restricted internet access.
    In Ethiopia it is the traditional role of the wife or maid to prepare the food, to do the domestic chores. Without his family, Lilesa said, he sometimes ate only once or twice a day, too tired to cook dinner, hardly recommended for marathoners who routinely train more than 100 miles per week.
    “I had to fend for myself in a way I’ve never done in my life,” he said.
    Perhaps the most difficult moment, Lilesa said, came when he was still in Rio de Janeiro after the Games and learned of the death of a close friend, Kebede Fayissa. He had been arrested in August, Lilesa said, and was among more than 20 inmates to die in a fire in September under suspicious circumstances at Kilinto prison on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Opposition figures have said that the bodies of some prisoners had bullet wounds.
    “I didn’t even know he had been arrested and there I was in Brazil, finding about his death on Facebook,” Lilesa said of Fayissa. “He had helped me so much at different times of my life.”
    Eventually, Mulisa and their two children received immigrant visas to enter the United States and left Addis Ababa in mid-February for Frankfurt, Germany, then Miami, where Lilesa greeted them at the airport. The scariest time, Mulisa said, came when she walked down the Jetway to the plane, afraid the Ethiopian government would prevent her from leaving at the last minute.
    Most likely, Lilesa said, his family was permitted to leave because to do otherwise would have generated negative publicity. In Miami, there was more emotion than words, Mulisa said, as the children hugged their father and she told him, “I didn’t think I would see you so soon.”
    While he will surely not be chosen to compete for Ethiopia at the Olympics and world track and field championships while in exile, Lilesa can still make hundreds of thousands of dollars as an independent, elite marathon runner. Since the Olympics, he has run a marathon in Honolulu and a half marathon in Houston. A GoFundMe campaign for him and his family, started by supporters, raised more than $160,000. The London Marathon is two months away.
    He now has a voice as strong as his legs. Lilesa has met with United States senators, addressed members of the European Parliament in Brussels, written an op-ed essay in The Washington Post and spoken with numerous reporters, trying to spread the story of the Oromo people.
    If the political situation changes in Ethiopia, he said, he and his family will move home. He does not expect that to happen soon. In the meantime, he hopes that his wife and children will be permitted to make yearly trips there to visit relatives. For himself, he said he had no regrets.
    “This has given me more confidence, more reasons to try harder, more reasons to compete so that I can use this platform to raise awareness,” Lilesa said. “I’m constantly thinking, what else can I do?”

    source:The new york times

    Thursday, February 23, 2017

    "Breaking News: Guraandhala 22/2017 Obbo Diriirsaa Qajeelaa Keeniyaa Nairoobii Keessatti Walta'insa humnoota Tikaa Wayyaanee fi Poolisootaa Keeniyaan uukkanfamuun gabaafame.

    "Breaking News: Guraandhala 22/2017 Obbo Diriirsaa Qajeelaa Keeniyaa Nairoobii Keessatti Walta'insa humnoota Tikaa Wayyaanee fi Poolisootaa Keeniyaan uukkanfamuun gabaafame.

    Mootummaa fashistii Wayyaaneetiin bara 2015 yeroo hayyuun Oromoo Jaal Abbaa Liibaan Dabbasaa Guyyoo Keeniyaa Naayiroobii keessa ukkaanfaman Jaal Diriirsaa Qajeelaa nama sadarkaa 2ffaa irraatti obboo Abbaa Liibaan Dabbasaa Guyyootti aanee ukkamsuuf humnoota tikaa wayyaaneetiin hordofama kan turee ta'uun beekamaadha.
    Mootummaan Abbaa Irree Wayyaanee ilmaan Oromoo dhaloota qaroo biyyaa ta'an kanneen biyyaa keessa jiruuf jireenya dhorkee jalaa miliqanii biyyoota ollaa daheeffatanii jiraataan humnoota tikaa isaa fi dinagdee guddaa ramaduun adamsee ukkamsuun hidhuu, biyyatti deebisee ajjeesuu fi hiraarsa ilma namaaf hin malle irratti rawwachuun kan beekamu guyyaa kaleessa Jaal Diriirsaa Qajeelaa (Waaqjiraa) humnoota poolisii Keeniyaa waliin walta'uun kan ukkaamsee Keeniyaa Nayiroobii keessatti hidhamuun hiraarfamaa jiraachuu maddeen Qeerroo Nayiroobii irraa gabaasan. Jaal Diriirsaa Qajeelaa nama kabajamuu mirga dhala namaa fi dimookiraasiif falmuu fi dhiittaa mirga uummata Oromoo irratti mootummaan abbaa irree Wayyaanee rawwachaa jiruuf bilisummaa uummata Oromoof nama falmu ta'uu isaan yeroo biyya keessa jiruutti keessattuu baroota 2006 yeroo Yuunıbarsitii Maqalee barachaa turetti hidhaa fi hiraarsii guddaan sababaa Oromummaa isaa qofaan kan irratti rawwatama turee fi sana duraas gaaffii barattoota Oromoo adda durummaan qindeessuu fi gaggeessuu keessatti qooda guddaa qabda jedhamuun nama hiraarsii guddaan irratti rawwatama ture ta'uun beekamaadha. nama hiraarsaa ulfaataa wayyaanee jala miliqee biyya ollaa Keeniyaa Naayiroobiitti daheeffatee jiruu yeroo garaa garaatti mootummaan abbaa irree wayyaaneen doorsifamaa fi adamfamaa kan ture, yoo ta'uu;
    Haala kanaan yeroo amma kanattis Jaal Diriirsaa Qajeelaa ukkanfamee waan jiruuf uummatni Oromoo fi beektootni Oromoo bakka jirtan cufatti gara dhaabbilee mirgoota namummaa Africaa fi addunyaatti iyyachuufi dirmanna hatattamaa gochuufiin atattamaan akka hiikamuuf dhiibbaan barbaachisaan akka godhamu jechuun Qeerroon dhaamsa ilmaan Oromoo hundaaf dabarsera. 
    Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof!!"
    Maddi:Seenessaa Qeerroo.

    Alii Muussaa kan jedhamu, miseensa dargii fi ajajaa kumaa kan ture

    Alii Muussaa kan jedhamu, miseensa dargii fi ajajaa kumaa kan ture-

    kan nama ajjeesuun beekkamu, gara Baalee ergamee, namoonni Haaji Aadam Saaddoo hin feene, isatu biyya shaffachiisaa jira jedhaniinii Alii Muussaanis akka H/Aadam Saaddoo barbaadanii fidan ajaja kenne. H/ Aadamis akka barbaadamaa jiru dhagahe. Namoonni baayyeen akka H/Aadam biyya gadi dhiisan gorsanillee deebiin isaa “Ani nama biyyaaf ummata kiyyarraa baqatu miti!” jechuun didanii guyyaa sadi bulanii afreessootti uffata gaarii uffatanii ajajaa kumaa nama ajjeesuun beekkamu Ali Muussaa biiroo isaaniitti itti seenan. Akka armaan gadiitti waliin dubbatan.
    H/Aadam Saaddoo: Na barbaadda jedhanii, maaliif na barbaadde?
    Alii Muussaa: Ati eennu?
    H/Aadam Saaddoo: Ani Haaji Aadam Saaddooti.
    Alii Muussaa: Maaliif haga ammaa turte?
    H/Aadam Saaddoo: Ati nama ajjeesuun beekkamtaa, sibira dhufuun dura qophaahuuf ture.
    Alii Muussaa: Maal qophaahaa turte?
    H/Aadam Saaddoo: wanni ani qophaahaa ture,
    Guyyaa duraa:- yoo kan du’u tahe jedhee sadaqaa godhe.
    Guyyaa lammeessaa:- Ilmaan tiyyaaf waan qabu addaan qoode.
    Guyyaa Sadeessoo:- Heexoo dhugee of qulqulleesse.
    Guyyaa Afreessoo:- Kunoo sibira dhufee waan na feeteef natti himi!
    Alii Muussaa: (gootummaa isaa ajaa’ibee )Eennutu Aliin nama ajjeesa siin jedhe?
    H/Aadam Saaddoo: Haga ammaa siin walitti dhufee eennutu lubbuun deebi’ee beeka?
    Alii Muussaa: Takkaa yaadee goota akka keetii argee hin beeku. Nama dhugaa tahuu kee hubadhe. Nama akka keetii nin kabaja, ittiin boona warra akkas siin jedhantu kijibaa. Amma nagayaan galii, yoo rakkoon jiraatte na bira koottu biiroon kiyya siif banaadha.
    Maddi: Waan Garaa Nu Baate... Muussaa H/ Aadam Saaddootiin

    Saturday, February 18, 2017

    Gummii Hooggansa Oromoo Lammaffaa; Ilaalchafi Dhaamsa Mataa Kootii

    Gummii Hooggansa Oromoo Lammaffaa; Ilaalchafi  dhaamsa mataa kootii

                                                              (Hiwi - Elona irraa)

    Gumiin Hooggansa Oromoo marsaa tokkoffaa jalqabaafi dhumni isaas uummata keenya biratti /bukkeetti miira garagaraatiin goolabame. Qeeqa Aktiivistoonni Oromoo garagaraa kaasaniin qalbiin uummata keenyaa yeroofis ta’u gaaga’amus walgahichi gaggeeffameera. Gumiin cufaadhaan guyyoota sadihiif gaggeeffamee dhumarratti uummataaf banaa ta’e akkaataan goolaba isaa kan nama hunda gammachise jennee yaadnee turre. Haa ta’u malee akkuma gumiin goolabameen gareen gumicha akka malee qeequfi gatii dhabsiisuf yaalii guddaa godhe tokko as baye. Kunis uummata biratti miira biraa uume. Walumaagalatti gumiin marsaa tokkoffaa Uummata Oromoo Diyaaspooraa jiru kan kallattii garagaraatiin haala faffaca’een qabsoo gaggeessaa ture walitti fiduu danda’us guutumaan guututti uummata keenya biratti hubannoo gahaafii miira walfakkaataadhaan kan xumurameedha jechuun waan danda’amu natti hin fakkaatu.
    Kanumarraan kan ka’e qindeessitoonni gumichaa dhimmoota gaafii kaasisan tokko tokko irratti deebii laatanii turan. Deebii yeroo sana laataman keessaa inni tokko Gumiin inni jalqabaa Uummata Oromoof carraa walitti dhufuutiif kan karra saaqe malee riqicha qabsoofi qabsaawota Oromoo jidduu jiru guutumaan guututti ijaaranii xumuruuf kan itti karoorfame akka hin taane ibsanii turan. Sababa kanaafis Gumiin Marsaa lammaffaa akka gaggeeffamu waadaan galamee ture. Akkuma qindeessitoonni sagantichaa waadaa galan, Gumiin Hoggansa Oromoo marsaan Lammaffaa Bitootessa 10 - 12 ( March 10 - 12th) Biyya Ameerikaa Magaalaa teessoo mootummaa Ameerikaa kan taate Waashingtan DCtti akka gaggeefamu ibsameera. Gumii kanarratti namoonni hirmaannaa akka godhaniifis xalayaan affeerraa bittinnaaweera. Namoonni dhuunfaadhaan hirmaachuu barbaadanifis balballi saaqameera. Walumaagalatti, yoo jidduu kana wanti biraa hin uuumamin gumiin hoggansa Oromoo marsaa lammaffaa akkaataa karoorfameen kan gaggeeffamu ta’a jechuudha.

    Anis akka dhuunfaa kootti akkuma gumii marsaa tokkoffaa irratti yaada koo ibsachuuf yaale ammas uummata koof, hoggantoota dhaabbilee siivikiifi hawaasummaa garagaraaf, dhaabbilee siyaasaa Oromootiifi qaamolee dhimmi ilaallatu hundaaf dhaamsafi ilaalcha mataa kootii dabarsuun barbaada. Kaayyon barreeffama kanaatis Lammiin Oromoo itti gaafatamummaan ( Responsibility) itti dhaga’amu kamiyyuu gumii kanarratti akka hirmaatufi tokkummaa Oromootiif tumsa barbaachisu godhuudhaan irreen saba keenyaa akka cimuuf dhaammachuudha.

    Akkuma hundi keenya beeknutti Qabsoon Uummata Oromoo har’a hin eegalamne, har’as hin xumuramu. Qabsoon waggoota shantamaan dura bifa qindaawaadhaan eegalame akka fiigicha gareenii ( Relay Run) dhalootni tokko dhaloota biroo irraa fuudhee gahee dhuunfaa isaa bahatee isa itti aanutti kan dabarsuudha. Akkuma dhalootni tokko waan isarraa eegamu hunda qabsoodhaaf gumaachee dabreen dhalootni biroos harkaa fuudhee kan itti aanutti dabarsa. Jalleen qaqqaalin keenya qabsoo bilisummaa eegalan haala eenyummaa isaanii ifatti baasanii dubbachuuf itti qaanfatan, haala afaan ofiitiin dubbachuudhaaf sodaatan, aadaa ofii ibsachuudhaaf itti dhoorkamanii ukkkaamaman keessatti ture. Sirni bulchiinsaa keessatti qabsoo eegalanis sirna dhiiga ilmoo namaa akka silmii dhuguuf ija babaasee saa’aa 24 too’annaa cimaa gaggeessaa ture keessatti. Sana biras dabree qabsoon isaan gaggeessaa turan gammoojii hamaa beelaafi dheebun isaan hiraarsee, hedduu isaanii karaatti nyaatee hambise keessatti ture.
    Eeyyen dhaloonni kaleessaa sun gufuu hammana hin jedhamne keessa dabreet haala amma irra jirru kanarraan nu gahe. Har’a hundi keenya sadarkaa kamirra akka jiru ni beekna. Har’i yeroo waa’ee afaan, aadaa, eenyummaa keenyaa akka kaleessaa itti cinqamnu keessa hin jirru. Amma yeroon kan hiree ofii mataa ofiin murteeffachuuti; mirga dhimma ofii irratti murteeffachuudhaaf aangoo qabaachuti.

    Mootummaan ADWUI/ ABUT ( EPRDF/TPLF) waggoota 25nan dabraniif uummanni Oromoo waadaa sobaatiin sobamee, shira hamaadhaan qabsoon isaa laaffatee guutumaan guututti harka isaa maratee sirnicha jalatti akka gabraatti akka buluuf wanti hin godhamin hin turre. Jaarsi tuffatamee, beekaan hidhamee, tumamee, ajjeefamee eddoo hin beekamnetti awwaalamee, jaartin sarbamtee, shamarri gudeedamtee gidiraan hammana hin jedhamne irra gahaa ture. Qabeenyi isaa haala tarsiimawaa ( strategic) ta’een saamamee, gurguramee, qotee bulaan keenya osoo ijji isaa imimmaan dhangalaasu lafa isaa irraa dhiitamee, manni isaa doozaraan diigamee jireenya gadadoo keessa akka jiraatu itti murtaa’e. Haata’u malee hamileefi kutannoon uummata keenyaa akka sirnichi yaade cabee hin hafne, qabsoon isaas hin fashaloofne.

    Dhalootni Oromoo har’aa ( dhalootni qubee) yeroo qabsoon waan qabbanoofte fakkaattee turte bifa haarawaan waggoota muraasa dabran keessatti eegalamte, tasumaa Mootummaa wayyaaneetiif waan yaadame hin turre. Yeroo qabsoon eegalus waan hammas hunda bal’atee eddoo hunda waliin ga’u itti hin fakkaanne. Haa ta’u malee yeroo gabaabaa keessatti qabsoon Uummata Oromoo waan qabataniifi gadi lakkisan isaan wallalchise. Ofitti amanamummaan qawweefi dinagdee harkaa qabanis isaan hin fayyadane. Osoo ijji isaanii argitu, qeerroon dheebun bilisummaa keessoo isaa balballeessee Invastmantii dharaa lafa Oromoo irratti ijaarame daaraa godhan, Maastar Pilaanii dharaa Uummata Oromoo handhuura isaa irraa buqqisuuf xaxame onnee guutun dura dhaabbatee eddoodhuma ka’etti hambise, Oftuultummaafi nu malee kan biraa hin jirtuu isaanii duwwaatti hambise. Kuni seenaa qabsoo biyyattii keessattis waggoota shantamaa ol keessatti taatoo addaa ( Unique Struggle for Freedom) ta’uudhaan galmeeffame. Yeroo Adduunyaan guutuun gurraafi qalbiidhaan sagantaa Olompiikii guddaa daawwataa turtettis yaadannoon addaa Sagantaa Olompiikii sanarraa qabatanii galanis Qabsoo Oromoo ture. Torbee tokko keessattis yoo xinnaate Miidiyaalen lakkaawamanii fixuun hin danda’amne waa’ee Uummata Oromoofi qabsoo bilisummaaf gaggeessaa jiruu hubachuu danda’an. Kuni taatoo waggoota muraasaa, yaadannoo barabaraa qeerron Oromoo diina isaa irratti galmeessiseedha.

    Injifannoon kuni hundi garuu ammas taanan hin goolabamne, daandin bilisummaaf irra adeemaa jirru galma isaa hin geenye. Qabsoon kun har’as Irreef gurmuu isa deeggaru, qaama kunoo anatu siin deema jedhee qabatamaan, hojii ifatti mul’atuun isa sochoosu eeggachaa jira. Kanaaf immoo akkuma kaleessa qalbii guutudhaan eeggachaa ture, hayyuun, luubni, sheekni, abbaan gadaafi dhaabbileen siyaasaa Oromoo maalumatti nuuf jiru yaadni jedhu qalbii tokkoon tokkoo Oromoo keessa faffaca’aa jira. Ilkee wayyaanee garmalee socho’ee kaballaa takka qofa eeggatuuf qaamni kuni baay’ee murteessadha. Har’as Uummatni Oromootifi Qeerron Oromoo isaan eeggachaa jira.

    Kaayyofi Galmi sabaa eenyuyyuu oli. Eenyumtuu dhimma dhuunfaa, garee, gandaafi siyaasaa qabaatus qabaatuu baatus, tokkummaa Oromoo milkeessudhaan irreen Oromoo akka cimu godhuudhaaf dirqama qaba. Hundi keenyaa biyya keenyaaf tumsuu malee dhimma dhuunfaa keenyaa yookin ilaalcha siyaasaa keenyaa qofarratti rincicnee hafuun dogongora guddaadha. Tarsiimofi ilaalchi siyaasaa ittiin masakamtan hanguma fedhes addaan fagaatus mul’atni sabaa garuu tasumayyuu sababa kanaan gufachuu hin qabu. Qabsaa’an sabaaf malee ofiif hin qabsaa’u. Jiraadheet qabsoo sana irraa akka dhuunfaatti wanta kana argadhaa osoo hin ta’in anis du’u Biyyikoo galma sana ni dhugoomsiti moo hin dhugoomsitu yaada jedhutu nu yaaddessuu qaba. Kanammoo Uumanni Oromoo eddoo jiru hundaa isinitti lallabaa akka jiru ni wallaaltu jedhee hin yaadu.

    Walumaagalatti qaamni dhimmi ilaallatu. kan haalli mijateef kamiyyuu gumii kanarratti akka argamuuf amaanaa guddaa dabarsuun barbaada. Eenyumtuu maandhee keessatti gaadi’ame keessaa ba’ee, tumsa tokkummaa keessatti dheeratee akka mul’atuuf dhaamsa keenya dabarsina. Akka Doonaald Waltersin jedhe ‘ Leadership is an Opportunity to serve. It is not an Opportunity to trumpet call to self importance.’ - Hoggansi carraa Uummata Ofii tajaajiluuf fayyadu malee kan caluma jedhanii maqaa hoggansaa ittiin argatan qofaa miti. Kanumaafuu, hundumti keenyaa dhimma sammuu keenya xaxee, qabsoo sabaa duubatti harkisu keessaa baanee, qaamafi qalbii abjuu bilisummaa arguuf onnatee ka’en gumii kana mirkaneessinee tokkummaa qabsoo abaa haa dhugoomsinuun dhaamsa kooti. Gumiin kunis gumii milkii, kan gammachuu, kan waligalteef jaalalaa akka nuuf ta’u hawwii kooti.
    Kabaja Waliin
    Hiwi Elona

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Qabeenya Oromiyaa Saamsisaa Hoji-dhabdummaa Hir'isuun hin dandayamu

    Qabeenya Oromiyaa Saamsisaa Hoji-dhabdummaa Hir'isuun hin dandayamu.

                                                         (Jawar Mohamamd irraa)

    Haasaan Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa jidduu kana godhe ijoo marii tibbanaa tahee alaa manattis irraa dubbatamaa jira. Sababni isaa ifa. Hogganaan dhaaba OPDO tokko ifatti ummanni Oromoo gabrummaa jala jiraachuu yeroo dubbatu dhagahuun isaa waan hin eegamne fi haaraa waan taheefi. Lammaa fi OPDOn haasaa akkanaa maalif eegalan? Wayyaaneen hoo maalif itti dhiifti? Qabxiilee kanniinirratti kana jechuun barbaada:

    • 1) Sabboonummaa Oromoo xiqqeessuudhaafi xureessuun Oromoo injifachuun akka hin danda'amne waan hubataniifi. Tooftaan Oromoo xureessuufi xiqqeessuu waan kufeef amma tooftaa filatan, Oromoo faarsuun erga firoomfatanii booda deebisanii too'achuufi.

    • 2) Yeroo dheeraaf Wayyaaneen Hogganoota jibbaafi ilaacha farra sabboonummaa Oromoo qabaniin fayyadamaa turte. Tooftaan sun waan kufeef amma namoota sabboonummaa Oromoo hubataniifi afaan sabboonummaa dubbachuu danda’an as baasan. Yoo hogganoonni haaraan kun haasawa bira darbanii tarkaanfii qabatamaa fudhachuutti cehan humna waraanaa waan harkaa qabnuuf ni rukanna jedhanii daguun eeguuf murteessan.

    Waa haalleefuu waan Obbo Lammaan dubbate keessaa waan tokkorratti waa jechuun fedha. Obbo Lammaan xiyyeeffannaan guddaan isaa dargaggoo Oromoo diinaggeen humneessuu akka tahe haasaa isaa yeroo adda addaa irraa ni hubanna. Diinaggee irratti fuulleeffachuun kun qalbii dargaggoo gaafii siyaasaa irraa gara diinaggeetti deebisuun warraaqsa kana dhaamsuufi xiinxalli jedhu dhihaataa jira. Sirri ta'uu mala. Akkasuu ta'ee siyaasaan haa hafuuti yoo dhugaan rakkoo diinaggee kana furuuf barbaade akkaataan amma itti deemaa jiran bu'aa barbaachisaa san akka hin buufne beekuu qaba.

    Rakkoo hoj-dhabdummaa yeroof furuuf maallaqa itti facaasanii jiruu yeroo gabaabduu (temporary employment) kumaatamaan uumuun ni danda'ama taha. Hiyyummaa hiddaan buqqisuuf garuu sababa hiyyummaa sanii hiddaan buqqisanii gogsuu barbaachisa.

    Hubannoon dogongoraa inni guddaan Ummanni Oromoofi Oromiyaan hiyyeeyyiidha yaada jedhu dha. Lakki ummanni kun ni hiyyoomfame (impoverished) malee uumaan hiyyeessa (poor) miti. Kan hiyyoomfames weerara, saamicha, imaammatafi tarsiimoo alagaatiini. Ammatti OPDO fi Lammaan sirna alagaa Oromoo hiyyoomsu guutumatti haa fonqolchan jennee gaafachuun of hin sobnu. Haaluma keessa jiranittuu tarkaanfiilee madda hiyyuummaa kanatti caama buusaniifi akeeka hojii uumuu kana gargaaran fudhachuu danda'u.

    Mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa rakkoo hoji-dhabdummaa kana sirnaan furuudhaaf hunda dura qabeenya Oromiyaan qabdu guutumaan guututti dhuunfachuu danda'uu qaba.

    Qabeenya Oromiyaa yoo dhuunfate hawwii imaammataa hiyyummaa hirdhisuu galmaan gahuudhaaf, imaammata bilisa ta’eefii baajata ni qabaata jechuudha. Itoophiyaan galii waggatti argattu keessaa yoo xinnaate 60% Oromiyaa irraa dhufa.( Warshaaleen biyyattiin qabdu harki 80% Oromiyaa keessa, meshaan alatti ergamu kan akka bunaa 70%, jimaa 100%, albuuda 85%, loon, kal'ee kkf). Faallaa kanaatiin ammoo baajatni Oromiyaan mootummaa federaalaa irra agattu ( budgetary subsidy) kan Itoophiyaa guutuun yoo walbira qabamu 28% caalee hin beeku.
    Kana jechuun Oromiyaan madda galii Itoophiyaa taattus qabeenya kana dhuunfachaa hin jirtu. Fakkeenyaaf galiin mootummaan Oromiyaa naannoo san keessaa ofiif fudhatu gibira qonnaatifi daldala xixiqqaati. Kun ammoo galii waggaatti Oromiyaa keessaa argamu irraa yoo guddate 25% taha. Kana jechuun galii waggatti Oromiyaa keessaa argamurraa 75% federaalatu fudhata jechuudha.

    Akka seera feederaalizimiitti baajatni naannolee waan lama gurguddaa irratti hundaaye qoodama; baay’ina ummatataatifi gumaata galii naannoon biyyattiif galchuudha. Akkuma statistics mootummaa saniittuu Itoophiyaa keessaa ummanni 35% Oromiyaa keessa jiraata ( dhugaan garuu 50% akka hin hanqanne namuu beeka). Diianagdee biyyatti keessaa ammoo harki 42% Oromiyaa irraa dhufa jedhanii amanu jarrinuu. Maarree shallaggii kamiini Oromiyaan ummata 35%, galii 42% qabaattee gaheen baajata federaalaa 28% kan ta’uuf? Wanni ani asitti kaasuu barbaade qabeenyi Oromiyaa dhuunfannaa mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa jala waan hin jirreef, hanga wanti kun hin jijjiramnetti Lammaan faan hamma fedhanis yoo wixxifatan rakkoo hoji dhabdummaa furuuf madda galii argachuu hin dandayan.

    Dhimma diinaggee biyyatti sanii yeroo haasayamu wanni yeroo baay'ee hin dubbatmane isa kana. Wayyaaneen karaa lamaan Oromiyaa irraa galii argatti. Karaan tokkoon diinaggee Oromiyaa daldaltoota Tigree harka itti galchanii jiran. Kunis daldala naannoo Oromiyaa sadarkaa qabeenya paartii ( EFFORT) akkasumas daldaltoota dhuunfaatiin too'achiisanii jiran. San qofaa miti. Bu'uraalee misoomaa Oromiyaa keessatti jaaraman kontiraanni kubbaaniyyaalee Tigreetiif akka kennamu gochuuni. Karaan lammataa ammoo akkuma armaan olitti tuqame kan mootummaa federaalaa dahachuudhaan maddeen galii ( warshaalee, oyyruu qonnaa, albuudaa kkf) Oromiyaa keessa jiran kallattiidhaan too'achuun galii sassaabbatani. kana jechuun mootummaan federaalaa maddeen galii gurguddoo Oromiyaa keessaa too'chuun bulchiinsa naannoo Oromiyaa hagabsee fudhata.

    Bara 1995 yeroo caasaan federaalaa dhaabbatu warashaaleen gurguddaan (kan akka warshaalee sukkaraa, simintoo, huccuu, dhugaatii), qonni midhaanifi bunaa babal'oon, lafti albuudaa, hoteelonni kkf 'qabeenya ummanni Itoophiyaa waliin hore waan ta'eef naannoo tokkoof kennamuu hin qabu jechuun federaala jala galche. Hubadhaa qabeenyi mootummaa (state owned enterprises) kan federalaaf kennaman dhibbentaan 80% Oromiyaa keessaa, muraasni Kibbaa, xiqqoon wayii naannoo Amaaraati. Galii Oromiyaa irraa waggatti galu keessaa enterprise mootummaa federaalaa jala galan kun harka 40% akka tahe ni tilmaamama.

    Mootummaa federaalaan kan too'atummaa kubbaaliyyaalee mootummaa qofaa miti. Kubbaniyyaalee dhuunfaa ( private limited Companies LLC, Kobbaaniyyaalee waloo ( share companies) akkasumas kubbaaniyyaalee biyya alaa ( foriegn companies) cufa kan gibira galii irraa guuruu mootummaa federaalaati. Labsii heera mootummaa cabsu baasuun kubbaaniyyaaleen biyya keessaafi alaa mootummaa federaalaa jalatti akka galmaayan gochuudhaan aangoo heeraan mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaatif kenname hoongessanii ofiif too'tan. Bifa kanaan gibirri Oromiyaan guurtu kan qonnaan bulaafi enterpirsii xixiqqaa qofatti daangeffame. Galiin Oromiyaan gibira kanarraa argattu dargaggootaaf hojii uumuu dhiisi mindaa hojjattoota mootummaatuu kaffaluu hin danda’u.

    Kubbaaniyyaalee mootummaa fi dhuunfaa kanarraa Oromiyaan gibirumallee waa takka hin argattu. Akkuma namuu beeku kan biraa dhiifnee hojjataanuu naannoo biraatirraa fidama. Afaan hojii isaanii afaan Oromoo miti. Hubadhaa kubbaaaniyyalee kana dhuunfachuudhaaf mootummaan federaalaa bu'ura seeraa tokkollee hin qabu. Sirna federaalizimii keessatti fi akka heera mootummaa Itoophiyaatti mootummaan federaalaa goojjoo naannoleen walitti baasanii jaarratani. Buusii naannoleetin ijiraama.

    Wantoota gurguddoo bu'ura seeraatin kannamaniif kanneen akka raayyaa ittisa biyyaa, maallaqa biyyolessaa (national currency) maxxansuu, dantaa alaa qajeelchuu akkasumas daladala alaa too'achuun alatti qabeenya naannoolee dhuunfachuuf bu'urri seeraa aangoo kennuuf hin jiru. Akkuma beekamu kubbaaniyyaalee kana erga dhuunfatee boodaa mootummaan federaalaa maqaa piraayvetaazashiiniitin gurgurataa jira. Kana gochuuf garuu aangoo heeraa tokko hin qabu. Qabeenyi mootummaa Oromiyaa keessa jiru, kan mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaati. Kanaaf qabeenya akkasii gurguruu, kireessuu, girbira guuruuf aangoo kan qabu Oromiyaadha.

    Bara 1995 as mootummaan federaalaa seerota qabeenya Oromiyaa suduudaan saamuudhaaf dandeessisu hedduu baafate. Kana keessaa labsiileen gibiraat, kan liiziifi invastimantii warra hangafaati. Bifa heera mootummaa cabsuun kubbaaniyyaaleen dhuunfaa galiin isaanii guddaa ta'e gibirri isaanii mootummaa federaalaatiif akka galu labsiin bahe bu'ura federaalizimiifi heera mootummaa federaalaa kan diiguudha. Akka seera federaalizimitti kubbaaniyyaan tokko galii hamma fedheetuu yoo qabaate gibira galii mootummaa naannoo saniitiif kenna malee mootummaa federaalaafi miti. Seerri liizii kan mootummaan federaalaa lafa naannolee 'moogiziitiidhaan' akka bulchu kennus shira bu'ura heeraa hin qabneedha. Akka seeraatti lafti kan ummataati, mootummaan ummata bakka bu'ee bulcha. "Mootummaan" sun garuu mootummaa naannoti malee kan federaalaatii miti. Mootummaan federaalaa seeraan lafa taakkuu takkas hin qabu. Sababni seeera liizii kanaaf dhihaachaa ture "naannoleen invastaroota hawwatanii keessummeessuuf gahuumsaafi qindoomina hin qaban" kan jedhuudha. Dadhabinni akkasii osoo jiraateyyuu humna naannolee ol guddisuudha malee aangoofi mirga heeraan laatameef mulquun gonkumaa sirrii ta’uu hin danda’u. Sababni dhugaa garuu lafa Oromiyaa akka fedhanitti gurguratanii galii ofii guddifachuuf Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa laafiisuuf yaadameeti.

    Kanaafuu Obbo Lammaafaan yoo dhuguma hidda rakkoo hoji-dhabdummaa dargaggoo Oromoo hir’isuudhaaf fedhii qabaatan, tarkaanfiin dura fudhachuu qaban qabeenya Oromiyaa keessa jiru harka mootummaa naannootti galchuudha. Kubbaaniyyaalee kanniin harkatti galfachuun hojii uumuu keessatti Mootummaan Naannoo Oromiyaa waan lama fayyadama. Gara tokkoon gurgurtaafi gibira kubbaaniyyaa kanneenirraa galii naannoo ol guddisuun bajata hojii uumuuf isaan dandeessisu argatu. Har'a birri biliyoona 6 qofaan hojii miliyoona tokko uumna jedhanii wixxifatan. Kubbaaniyyaalee kana osoo dhuunfatanii garuu maallaqa eerame kana dacha dachaan waggatti irraa galfatan.

    Faaydaan lammaffaa kubbaaniyyaalee kanniin too'achuun kan gargaaru, kubbaaniyyaaleen sun lammilee Oromiyaa keessa jiran sadarkaa jalaa hamma gubbaatti akka mindeessan gochuun dargaggootaaf hojii haaraa uumuu danda'u. Akkasumas invastaroonni biyya keessaafi alaa mootummaa Oromiyaa jalatti akka hojjatan gochuun galiin Oromiyaaf akka galu gochuu qofaaf osoo hin taane tarsiimoon isaanis dantaa ummataatin akka wal simatu dirqisiisuuf fayyada. Haaluma kanaan lafa Oromiyaa keessaa guututti yoo too'atan miidhaa qonnaan bulaarra gahu hirdhisuuf, dargaggootaaf lafa kennuuf akkasumas invastaroonni bifa ummata naannoo fayyaduu danda'uun akka hojjatan gochuuf isin dandeessisa.

    Walumaagalatti rakkoo hoji-dhabdummaa Oromiyaa keessatti muldhatu sababni guddaan tokko qabeenyi naannichaa alagaadhaan dhuunfatamuu isaati. Akka afaanii (afaaniin dubbatan) kana onnee yoo qabaatan heerumaafi seera amma lafa jirutti fayyadamuun qabeenya Oromiyaa dhuunfaa mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa jala akka galu falmachuu danda'u. Caffeen Oromiyaa labsiilee mirga ofiin of bulchuu (autonomy) heera mootummaa federaalaatiin kaayame diigan hunda labsii mataa isaatiin haquu danda'a. Kun aangoo Caffeeti. Murtii Caffee kana miseensonni Oromiyaa bakka bu’anii mana marii bakka bu’uutaafi federeeshinii keessa jiran sadarkaa federaalaa geessuun falmachuu danda’u. Pirazidatichiifi kaabineen naannoo qajeelfama baasuudhaan kubbaaniyyaaleen Oromiyaa keessa jiran suduudaan biiroolee naannichaatiin akka too'ataman gochuu danda'an. Akkuma Lammaan jedhe aangoon guyyaa muraasaafis taatu harka nama gallaan jijjirama hamma tokkoo fiduun ni danda'ama.

    Kun garuu daadhannoon qofa osoo hin taane murannoo gochaan muldhatuun agarsiifamuu qaba. Afaaniin qofa osoo hin taane tarkaanfii qabatamaatiin asitti mirkanaa’uu qaba. Tarkaanfilee armaan olii kana fudhachuun akka dhuunfaafi dhaabaatti gaaga’ama (risk) akka qabu shakkiin hin jiru. Qabatamaan hojjachuuf yoo murannoon jiraate aarsaaf of qopheessunis jiraachuu qaba. Lammaafi OPDOn aarsaa kana fudhatanii dhaadannoo afaanii kana hojiitti ni jijjiiranii laata? Ana natti hin fakkaatu; garuu haatee bareeddii jennaan….akkuma jedhan ittuu dhufnaa ni agarra.

    Hammasiifuu wanni irra deddeebinee ummata keenya yaadachiifnu wabiin mirga siyaasaafi diinaggee isaa, qabsoo isaa qofaa ta’uudha.

    Monday, February 13, 2017

    Tigricha Somaaliyaa miila tokkoon dhaabe kana beeytuu?

    Tigricha Somaaliyaa miila tokkoon dhaabe kana beeytuu?

    Maqaan isaa Gebre' jedhama. Somaaliyaa keessatti Jeneraal Gabree jechuun beekama. Nama Wayyaanee bakka bu'ee Somaaliyaa keessatti ramadameedha. Dhalootaan Tigreedha. Kan Somaliyaa seene yeroo duraatiif bara 2006. Gaafa jalqaba dhufu ajajaa waraana Wayyaanee kumoota hedduu ture. Bara 2006 keessa magaalaa guddittii Somaaliyaa kan taate Muqdishoo qabachuuf jecha, keemikaalota gurguddaa kan akka Foosfarasii Adii ummata nagayaatti darbuudhaan jumlaan fixuu isaatiin ummata Somaalee biratti komatama.
    Achi booda hojii diplomaasii fakkeessee magaalaa Muqdishoo teessuma godhachuun baroota inni Somaaliyaa ture kana hunda isatu biyyattii akka fedhe godhee bulcha, maqaaf nama Somaalee of dura kaa'ee; akkuma OPDO fuuldura qabanii ummata Oromoo bulchan, Somaaliyaa keessattis hanga filannoo dheengaddaatti, hoggantoota jaraa kan ajaju Gabree kana.
    Aangoo hanga hoggantoota Somaaliyaa tumuu/dhaanuutti qaba; akkuma Mallas Zeenaawiin hoggantoota OPDO tumutti. Fakkeenyaaf, perezidaantii Soomaliyaa bara 2004-2008 kan ture Abdullaahii Yuusuf, yeroo akka ICU irraa kaasaniif Itoophiyaa waamate, Muqdishootti ajjeechaa jumlaa Wayyaaneen goote ilaalchisee perezidaantichi komii dhiheessinaan, Gabreen aaree perezidaanticha yeroo afur kaballaan dhahee Perezidaanticha lafatti kuffisee shugguxii itti qabee ajjeesuuf itti dhaadate jedhan. Sababa saniif guyyaa san eegduu perezidaantichaa irraa qawwee waan hiikeef perezidaantichi waraana Gamtaa Afrikaa (AMISOM) irraa eegduu barbaadate. Warra waan Gabreen jedhe godhuu didanii fi nama inni fedhu filachuu didan, hedduu isaanii irratti adaba ajjeechaa akka fudhachaa ture di dubbatama. Hangana hunda aangoo qaba Gabreen Somaliyaa keessatti.
    Aangoo isaa kana cabsanii barana waan nama biraa filachuu danda'aniif, ummanni Somaaliyaa gammachuu daangaa hin qabnerra jiru.
    Yoo viidiyoo isaa argitanii jiraattan tahe, guyyaa filannoo Somaaliyaa ammaa kanallee yeroo namoota Wayyaaneen bakka buufattee filannoof dhiheessite gorsu jala deemanii dhoksaan waraabaa turan. Akkasumas yeroo moo'ataman akka malee gadduu isaa bakka galma keessatti ummata keessa taa'ee yeroo gaddu suuraa kaasanii miidiyaarra naanna'aa ture. Yeroo ammaa kana ummanni Somaaliya akka Gabreen biyya isaaniitii bahu gaafacha jiran.
    Hojiin guddaan Gabreen Somaaliyaa keessatti hojjatu, meeshaa waraanaa maqaa nagaya eegsifna jedhanii mootummoota dhihaa kan akka Ameerikaa faa irraa argatan gurguruudha. Jarri inni qawwee itti gurguru, jaruma garee shororkeessitootaati. Mala kana kan baase Mallas Zeenaawiidha jedhan. Sababni tooftaa kana fideef, qawwee itti gurguruudhaan akka jarri shororkeessitootaa hin banne godhanii warra dhihaa irraa maqaa shororkeessitootaan lolla jedhuun gargaarsa guddaa argachuufi jedhu keessa beektotni. Gabreen amma dureessa qabeenya guddaa horateedha.
    Erga filannoo ammaa kan Gurraandhala 8, 2017 Somaaliyaa keessatti tahe kana irratti namoota Wayyaaneen bakka buufatte harka dhabanii injifatamanii as, shira Gabreen godhaa ture sirriitti ifa baatee kan ummata Soomaaliyaa hunda dallansiifte taatee wanti hedduu dubbatamaa jira.
    Shororkeessitoota jiraachisaa maqaa Shororkeessitootaan gargaarsa guuratti. Wayyaaneen shororkeessitoota gaanfa Afrikaa gudditti warra kaan caaltu akka taate addunyaan yoom beekti laata?
    Maddi odeeffannoo miidiyaalee Somaalee adda addaa hedduu irraa waan dhagaye cuunfee isiniif dhiheesse waan taheef, takka takkaan isinii tarreessuu dhabuu kiyyaaf na hofkolchaa!
     | Gurraandhala 13, 2017 ]

    Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Mudannoon weerara maqaa liyyuu polisiin murnii gabroofattuu wayyaane uummata Oromoo irratti labsite-

    Mudannoon weerara maqaa liyyuu polisiin murnii gabroofattuu wayyaane uummata Oromoo irratti labsite-

                                               (Dr Tsegaye Ararsaa irraa)

    Mudannoon weerara maqaa liyyuu polisiin murnii gabroofattuu wayyaane uummata Oromoo irrattii karaa bahaatin weerara adeemsisaa jirtu kun seenaawwan kan bara 1977 kan wal fakkaatu. Bara saniit jaallawwan qaqqaalii wareegama qabsoo guddaan waan qabanii xuruurfatani murannoon itti seenani, loola karaa lamaan itti baname haalkan motummaa Dargii (maqaa "...sargoo gabbii Somaale Awaash gadii kutte fudhachuuf kan ijaaraman.." Kan jedhu qabsaawoota Oromorrati maxxasse) lolaa, guyyaa ammoo weerartu Somaale ( maqaa "... isaan kun motummaa Dargiitu hidhachisee nuttii bobbaase..." qabsaawoota Oromoo irratti maxxansse) lolaa injifannoo guddaa galmessuun , injifannoon baatiwwani fi bara San keessatti goonfataman Oromoo kallattii hunda irraa walqodiinsa tokko malee akka sabaat tokkummaaf bu'ura ta'e dha.
    Bara sana dhaaba umurii kichu gargaarsa alaa tokko malee ofiit hirkannoon tarkaanfachaa ture . Oloolli dinnii qabsaawoota bilisummaa Oromo irratti amantaan walqabate kan dinaan ofame dhaaba sana balaa guddaa keessa kan buse ture. Oloollii ofamaa tures Oromoota kutaale Oromiyaa adda addaa irraa qabsoo kana utubuf kan qabsoo kanattii makaman fi qabsaawoota kan biroo giddut amantaan walqabate shakkii umun ilmaan abbaa tokko kan gargar facaaase ture. Inniis ".. Haarargen Islaama..., Oromoota amantaa addaa (phenxee,kiristaana) qaban qabsoo kanattii makaman amantaa Islaama balleessuf dhufan...,..." kan jedhu akka ture dha. Garu bara saniit kaan abdii kute qayeet deebi'u, diinattii haarka keennachu fi biyya hambaat baqachun qabsoo sana gadii haalakiisanii malee , qabsaawotni qabsoo kanattii ciichanii haafan dhaaba sana deebisanii lubbuu ittii horun abdii qabsaawoota ummata bal'aa Oromoo hunde goodhate akka qabsoon kun ummatni kankooti jedhe kunuunfate akka abbaa ittii ta'uf wareegama qaali baasun amaanaa guddaan dhaalchiisan. Umatnis amaanaa sani tole jedhe fudhate waanqabu hunda odoo irraa hin qusatin haanga lubbu,jireenya maati ofii ittii wareege injifannoon, dheebu bara dheeraa dhugoomsun dawoo dinaa cabsun , yeroo gabaabduf hataatu malee Oromoon martti kanaan durra kan wal hin beeknelle Finfinneet akka wal argan walbaran kan dandeessise ture. Ammas kan argaa jirruu haaqa dhugaa ganamaa kana , ummatnii ittii ciichee goolee Oromiyaa guutut ofiin ofijaare qabsoo dhaale sani amaanaa guutuun qabatamaan mul'isaa jira. Carraa argate hundaan fayyadamees wal iyyaafachaa yaada wal jijjiiraa wal utubaa mataa waliit qabate akka jiru miirkana. Dhaaboolin ummata Oromoof dhaabbane kan jedhan hundii tokkummaan as akka bahaan qabsoo kana cinaa akka hiriiran waamiicha haanga wareegama dhiigaa goola Oromiyaa guutuut taasisen addaan ciita tokko malee dabrsaa jira.
    "Kanaaf carraa guddaa ummatni keennefi kana fayyadamun,dhaaboliin Oromoof dhaabbatan marti fakkeenyummaa ummata kana fudhachuun mataa isani bakka tokkot waliit qabachu akka qaban akeekaa, dhaabnii guddaan sun deebi'e goola Oromiyaa guutuu, maatifi qayeen Oromoo tokko odoo hin hambisiin ofjalattii hammate akka ijaaramu qabu jabeessine gaafana."

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Seenaa Generaal Abdiisaa Aagaa fi Kufaatii Xaaliyaanii!!

    Seenaa Generaal Abdiisaa Aagaa fi Kufaatii Xaaliyaanii!!

      Barreessituun (Seenaa Abdiisaa) ti Bitootessa 2,2015

    Abdiisaa Aagaa Oromiyaa,Wallagga keessa Magaalaa Najjootti Dhalate.Waraana Addunyaa Lammaffaa dura Yeroo Xaaliyaaniin Xoobbiyaa Dabalatee Biiyyoota Addunyaa Hedduu koloneeffattee bushaa turtetti Abbaan Abdiisaa qabamanii Magaalaa Finfinneetti hidhaman.Abdiisaanii­s umurii isaa Waggaa 14tti Abbaa isaa Ilaaluuf gara Finfinnee yoo deemu Abbaan isaa ni Ajjeefaman.Du'a Abbaa isaatti kan baayyee Gadde Abdiisaan Loltuu Xoobbiyaatti Makamuu dhaan Xaaliyaanii irratti Waraana banuuf Leenjii Jalqabe.Haa ta'u Malee Waggaa Lama Booda Abdiisaa fi Loltoonni biroo Qabamanii Gara Xaaliyaanii Geeffamuu dhaan Mana Hidhaa "Siisilii" Jedhamu keessatti Hidhaman.Adeemsa Keessa Abdiisaan Mana Hidhaa keessatti nama Lammii Yugozlaaviyaa kan ta'e Juuliyoo jedhamu waliin wal bare.Abdiisaa fi Juuliyoon Muuxannoo Jireenyaa erga wal jijjiiranii booda Michuu walii ta'an.Juuliyoon Waggaa Afurii Ol mana hidhaa kana keessatti waan hidhameef Waan Mana Hidhaa kana keessa jiru hunda Abdiisaatti hime.Abdiisaanis Haala Mana Hidhaa kanaa erga xiinxalee booda Cabsanii baduuf Juuliyoo Mari'achiise.Loltuun­ Yugozlaaviyaa Waggaa Afurii Oliif mana Hidhaa keessatti Rincice Juuliyoonis Onnee Abdiisaa Ajaa'ibsifachuu dhaan Cabsanii baduuf walii Galan.

    Haaluma kanaan Abdiisaa dhaan Durfamuu dhaan Hidhamtoonni 21 mana Hidhaa cabsanii baduu dhaan Bosona seenan.Erga Bosona Seenanii boodas Abdiisaa fi Juuliyoon Bakka itti hidhamanii turanitti deebi'uu dhaan Loltoota Xaaliyaanii Fuuldura irraa Mana Hidhaa kana eegan Sagalee tokko malee Morma Haqaaqanii erga Ajjeesanii booda Uffannaa isaanii irraa baafatanii Uffachuu dhaan Loltuu Xaaliyaanii fakkaatanii Mooraa Seenan.Erga Mooraa Seenanii bakka Waraanaaf mijatu qubatanii boodas waraana Xaaliyaanii achi keessatti argamu irratti Lola cimaa banan.kana boodas Injifachuu dhaan Hidhamtoota Baasanii Meeshaa Waraanaa Saamuu dhaan Bosonatti deebi'an.Haala kanaan Abdiisaa Aagaa fi Loltoonni isaa Qabeenya Xaaliyaanii fi Meeshaa Waraanaa saamuu jalqaban.

    Akkasumas Boji'amtoota mana hidhaa keessa jiran Hiiksisuu dhaan Of duukaa hiriirsuu Jalqaban.yeroo Xiqqoo Keessatti Waraanni Abdiisaa fi Juuliyoo Waraana Sodaachisaa ta'e.Biyyoota Addunyaa Hedduu Koloneeffachuu dhaan kan of jalatti bulchaa turte Xaaliyaaniitti Waraanni Abdiisaa Aagaa Yaaddoo guddaa ta'e.sababa kanaanis Waraanni Abdiisaa akka dadhabuuf yeroo yerootti Lola irratti gaggeessuu jalqabde.Haa ta'u malee Loltoonni Xaaliyaanii Abdiisaa fi Loltoota isaa booji'uuf gara Dirree waraanaatti ergaman Achi buutee Miilla Bakar Waaree ta'anii hafan.Yaaddoo Cimaa keessa kan seente Xaaliyaaniinis "Aangoo Guddaan siif kenna Lola kana dhaabi Nutti Makami." jettee Abdiisaa Kadhachuu jalqabde.Abdiisaan Garuu Kaayyoon isaa Ummata isaa Kolonii jalaa baasuuf waan ta'eef "Cita Mormaa." jechuu dhaan Juuliyoo waliin Kaayyoo isaanii irratti cichan.Olaantummaa Xaaliyaanii Kuffisuuf kan Carraaqaa turan Ameerikaa,Faransaayi­ fi Ingilizoonni Waraana Abdiisaa fi Juuliyoof Beekamtii Laachuu dhaan walii galanii Waraana Loltoota Ameerikaa,Faransaay,­Ingizii fi Xoobbiyaanota of keessatti hammate Ijaaran.Waraana kanas Abdiisaan akka Hoogganuuf Aangoon ni kennameef.Waraanna Addunyaa 2ffaas ni Jalqabame Abdiisaanis Waraana Loltoota Ameerikaa,Faransaay,­Ingilizootaa fi Xoobbiyaanota of keessatti Hammate hoogganuu dhaan Waraana nuffisiisaa fi Dadhabsiisaa ta'ee Injifannoo dhaan Faayame Faashistii Xaaliyaanii irratti adeemsisuu itti fufe.Gargaarsi Hedduunis karaa garaa garaa godhamuufii Jalqabe. Gootichi Oromiyaan Biqilchite Abdiisaa Aagaas Loltoota isaa haala Ammayya'aa ta'een hoogganuu dhaan Biyyoota Garaa garaa keessatti Xaaliyaanii Injifachuu dhaan Dadhabsiisaa dhufan.dhuma irrattis Waraanni Abdiisaa Magaalaa Room to'annaa jala oolfate.Maagaalaa kana keessattis Alaabaa Xoobbiyaa,AmeerikaaFaransaayii fi Ingilizii ol kaasee Fannise!!! Ana qofatu jira jettee Biyyoota Hedduu koloneeffachuu dhaan kan Bulchaa turte Xaaliyaaniinis Loltoota ishee biyyoota garaa garaa keessa faca'anii jiran akka biyyatti deebi'an ajaja dabarsuu jalqabde.haaluma kanaanis Xaaliyaaniin Kufaatii fokkisaa ta'e kufuu dhaan Kisaaraa Guddaan irra ga'e.

    Gootummaa Abdiisaa fi Loltoota isaa kan arge Mootummaan Biriteenis Fedhii biyya isaa galmaan ga'achuuf jecha Abdiisaa Aagaa Hoogganaa Loltuu Biriteen gochuu dhaan muude.Kana Boodas Akkuma Xaaliyaanii Biyyoota Addunyaa Muraasa Koloneeffachuu dhaan Olaantummaa ishee kan Agarsiisaa turte Jarmanis akka Kuftuuf Waraanni Gooticha Abdiisaan Hoogganamu Gara Jarmanitti ergame.Akkuma Kanaan Duraa Waraanni Abdiisaa Aagaa Naazii Jarman Waliin Waraana Addunyaan Afaan Qabattee Ajaayibsifatte Adeemsisuu itti Fufan.Yeroo Muraasa Keessattis Waraanni Jarman Biyyoota Koloneeffatanii turan Gadhiisuu dhaan Boodatti Baqachuu Jalqaban. dhuma irrattis Waraanni Gooticha Abdiisaa Aagaatiin Durfamu Magaalaa Berliin keessatti Jarman Injifachuu dhaan Alaabaa Xoobbiyaa fi Biritaayin ol Kaasanii Fannisan!!!

    Mootummaan Biriteenis Waraana Abdiisaa dhaan Hoogganamu Jala gugachuu dhaan Magaalaa Jarman To'annaa Waraana Abdiisaa Aagaa Jala Jirtu Berliin Dabaree isaanii koloneeffachuuf Fiigicha Jalqaban.Waraanni Abdiisaan Durfamu garuu "Walii Galteen Keenya Biyyoota Addunyaa irratti Olaantummaa Muldhisanii Daangaa namaa Koloneeffatan Harkaa Daangaa Deebisuu dha malee Daangaa Namaa dabaree keenya Koloneeffachuu miti." jechuu dhaan Biyyoota Jarman Koloneeffatte gara Abbaa Biyyaatti Deebisanii Daangaa Jarman Immoo Jarmaniif dhiisanii keessaa ba'an.Eeyyee!! Oromoon Har'as Daangaa ishee Kabachiifachuu Barbaaddi Malee Daangaa Ormaa tasuma hin Feetu!! Waraanni Addunyaa Lammaffaas Injifannoo Waraana Koloneeffattoota Kuffisuuf dhaabbatan kanneen akka Waraana Abdiisaa fi Kanneen birootiin Ni Xumurame.Waraanni Addunyaa Lammaffaa erga Xumuramee Boodas Biyyoonni akka Ameerikaa,Faransaay fi Ingilizii Aangoo Guddaa siif Laanna Hanga dhumaatti Waraana keenya nuuf Hooggani jechuu dhaan Abdiisaa Kadhachuu jalqaban.Abdiisaan Garuu, "Kaayyoon Biyyaa ba'eef Galmaan Ga'eera amma Fedhiin koo Waggaa Hedduu dhaaf Qabsoof jecha kanan irraa Fagaadhe Biyya kootti deebi'ee Boqochuu qofa dha."jechuu dhaan Deebii Kenne.Biyyoonni Kanneen akka Ameerikaa,Faransaayi­i fi Biriteen Garuu Koloneeffattoonni kanneen akka Xaaliyaanii Ammas Deebi'anii Dandamachuu dhaan Olaantummaa Isaanii nurratti muldhisu jedhanii waan Shakkaniif Waraanni Abdiisaa Aagaan durfamu akka bittinaa'u hin Barbaanne.Sababni isaas Waraanni Kun Qoricha Koloneeffattootaa waan ta'eef!!! Kanaaf jechas irra daddeebi'anii Yaada Abdiisaa jijjiiruuf hedduu dhama'an.Abdiisaan Garuu Yaadi isaa Qilleensa Oromiyaa Weerara Xaaliyaanii jalaa Bilisa Baate keessatti Boqochuu qofa taate.yeroo kanattis Biyyoonni kunneen Abdii kutanii Fala Barbaadan.kana Boodas "Gaafa Waraana kana Dhaabuuf Walii Galle Hanga Hundi Keenya Walii Gallutti Waraanni Kun Diigamuu hin danda'u jennee Walii Galleerra. kanaafuu dhiistee deemuu hin dandeessu." jechuu dhaan Abdiisaa Himatan.Gootichi Addunyaa Gadameessa Oromiyaa keessaa Ba'e Abdiisaanis Qabamee Hidhame,Qabamee Hidhamuu Abdiisaa dhaga'anii Kanneen Mormii dhageessisan keessaa Generaala Ingilizii yeroo sanaa kan durse hin jiru.Generaalli Ingilizii kun Dirree Waraanaa garaa garaa keessatti Abdiisaa Waliin Dalagaa Waan tureef Namni Dhugaa Addunyaaf Qabsaa'e kun Hidhamuu hin qabu jechuu dhaan Mudhii hidhatee Falmeef.Falmii isaa kanaanis Mootummaa Ingilizii fi Kanneen Biroo Amansiisuu Danda'e.kana Boodas Himati Abdiisaa irratti dhiyaate irra deebi'amee Ilaalamuu dhaan Hidhaa irraa Gara Qarshiitti Jijjiirameef.Qarshii­ Irratti Murtaa'e kanas Mootummaan Biriteen Kaffaluu dhaan Abdiisaan Bilisa Ba'e.Kana boodas Gootichi Oromoo Addunyaa Ajaabsiise waggaa Hedduu booda Oromiyaa keessatti Dadhabbii isaa irraa boqochuuf Addunyaa irraa Badhaasaa fi Beekamtii Hedduu fudhachuu dhaan gara Biyya isaatti Gaggeeffame.Yeroo Biyya Seenus Qabsoo tokko malee Aangoorra kan baate Mootiin Xoobbiyaa H/Sillaaseen haala Ho'aa ta'een Abdiisaa Simatte.

    Erga Simattee boodas Nama Nagaa fakkaattee Loltoota Xoobbiyaa Abdiisaa Waliin ta'uu dhaan Addunyaa Koloneeffattoota jalaa baasuuf Qabsa'aa turan irraa Hidhannoo Hiiksiste.kana Boodas Aangoo nurraa fudhata jedhanii Generaalaa Xoobbiyaa yeroo sanaa kan ture Abebee Aregaay waliin ta'uu dhaan Abdisaa irratti Mala maluu jalqaban.

    Biyyi koo Nagaa taateetti jedhee biyya isaa keessatti boqochuuf kan dhufe Abdiisaan Hordoffiin Habashootaa ol ba'uu fi gad ba'uu isa dhorke.Gootichi Addunyaan Milla tokkoon dhaabbattee Ajaayibsiifatte Erga biyyi Nagaadha jedhee Hidhannoo isaa Hikkatee booda Gad-Deebituu Namaatiin Daran Hacuucame.Dhuma irrattis Mooraa Buufata Leenjii Waraanaa Biyyattii yeroo Sanaa kan taate Hoolotaa geeffamuu dhaan achi keessatti akka eegamuu fi Hordofamu Ta'e.Mana Hidhaa keessatti Abdiisaa Waliin Wal baree Gargaarsa Abdiisaatiin biyya isaa Yugozlaaviyaa Kolonii Xaaliyaanii jalaa kan Baase Juuliyoon Rakkoo Abdiisaa irra ga'e Yeroo dhaga'utti baayyee Rifate.kana boodas Generaala Biyya isaa kan ta'e Maarshaal Tiitoo Waliin ta'uu dhaan gara Xoobbiyaa dhufan.Yeroo Xoobbiyaa dhufanii Hacuuccaa fi Gidiraa Gooticha Addunyaa Abdiisaa irra ga'e Arganitti Baayyee Gaddan.kana boodas Biyyoota Kanneen biroo Waliin ta'uu dhaan Dabaree isaanii Abdiisaa Cina dhaabbachuuf Murteeffatan. Mootiin Xoobbiyaa Haayile Sillaaseen Adeemsi Michuu Abdiisaa Juuliyoo waan sodaachiseef Fakkeessuu dhaaf Aangoo Koloneelummaa Abdiisaaf akka Laatte Addunyatti Beeksiste.Abdiisaan Garuu qabsoo Hadha'aa kan taasise Aangoof Osoo hin Taane biyya isaa Kolonii Jalaa baasee Uummata isaa Waliin Biyya isaa keessa Nagaan Jiraachuuf ture.Aangoof yoo ta'e Abdiisaan Koloneela biyya Gad-deebituu sobaan Ijaaramte kanaa miti Generaalaa fi Gooticha Addunyaati Malee!!!

    Haala akkas Gaddisiisaa ta'een osoo Jiraatuu Gootichi Addunyaa Dirree Waraanaa irratti Mo'amee hin beekne osoo Nagaan biyya isaa keessatti Illee hin boqotin Waggaa muraasa Booda Hirriba Dhuma hin qabneen Mo'ame.Shiraa fi Daba Habashoonni Nama Dhugaa kana irratti goote Dacheenis Ilaaluu Dadhabdee Abdiisaa Aagaa Garaa ishee Jala Dhokfatte!!! Osoo Yeroo Akkas Hacuucamu sana Nama Amanee Dhukkuba Garaa isaa itti Himatu qabaatee Silaa "Osoon Akkas Ta'uu Beekee......" Jedhee Quuqama isaa hin ibsatu turee Laata?? Biyyittiin Kun akka Biyyaatti Biyya Taatee akka dhaabbattuuf Abdiisaa Aagaa irraa Hanga Taaddasaa Birruutti,Maammoo Mazaamirii Hanga Kabbadaa Buzuneshitti,Baalcha­a Abbaa Nafsoo irraa Hanga HabteGiorgis Diinagdeetti,Oliiqaa­ Dingilii Hanga Hagarii Tulluutti,...Biyyiit­tii Kanaaf Aarsaa Guddaa Kaffalan.Biyyi Isaan itti Dadhaban kun Garuu Ooltee Bultee Saba isaanii Irratti Dhukkuba Guddaa Taate.Moototaa fi Mootummoota Dhufaa Darbaan Aangoo irra ba'an Hunda Biratti Sabni Oromoo Akka Abbaa Biyyaatti osoo hin Taane akka Lammii Lammaffaatti Hacuucame.Har'as Sabni Gootota Kanneen Akka Abdiisaa Aagaa Addunyaaf Gumaachite Baandaa Bakka Dhufaatii ishee hin Beekneen Wanti hin taane irratti dhaadatamaa Jira.Sababni Isaas akkuma Abdiisaan shiraan Takaalamee ba'umsaaf Galumsa dhabe Har'as Dargaggoonni Oromoo biyyittii kana Jijjiiruu danda'an Warra Tokko Shanee dhaan Gurmoofteen Takaalamanii jiru.Hanga Dhaloonni Takaallaa kana of irraa kutu dhalatutti ykn Waaqa irraa gad nuuf bu'utti hundumti Keenya iyyuu bara dhufee Darbu Dhaloota Komachaa Hacuuccaa harka keenyaan ofitti fidne jala Ameen Jennee Bulla!!!