Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This is the English version of Bekele Verna's letter from Qilinxoo.

This is the English version of Bekele Verna's letter from Qilinxoo.

            Wednesday, 31 August 2016

                                           (Translation: Courtesy of Michael')

                                       Resource Allocation as a Tool for Struggle: Call for Boycotts
This is a translation of a letter by Oromo political prisoners secretly smuggled out of Kilinto Prison on 30th of August 2016. The original letter is in Afaan Oromo. In the soon-ending year, we have lost huge numbers of our young children, tens of thousands have been imprisoned and the whereabouts of several others still remains unknown. We had recently announced a three-day national mourning to pay homage to the lives lost, to which the public gave an exceedingly positive response. This has left our adversaries in a state of shock and, needless to say, it has us -we and the people- beaming with pride. We appreciate the huge sacrifices you have paid and your sense of camaraderie to stand alongside the people. Please accept our gratitude and respect for your selfless acts.
If we listen to one another, stick up for each other and stand in unison, it should not take long before the collective humiliation we are subjected to comes to an end. And it must end! We ought to continue to stand together and listen to each other to get rid of the ‘snake that has wrapped itself around our necks’ and gain our freedom. With that underlined, the ongoing sad state of affairs has required us to issue a new set of calls.
As you already know, killings have not stopped; mass incarcerations have continued unabated; ambulances obtained with relentless appeals for aid from foreign governments are now roaming townships to nab and transport the youth to detention centres, in a manner falcons prowl the skies waiting to strike on their prey; mothers are shedding perpetual tears over the loss of their sons and daughters ; and, with or without the mention of the Addis Ababa Master Plan, authorities have not ceased evicting the Oromo from their ancestral lands. In complete disregard of our demands that those who mercilessly massacred our young children be brought to justice, Prime Minster Hailemariam Dessalegn has sung their praises on national TV.
Also, in a meeting held from 24-28 August 2016, the EPRDF Council discussed the border dispute between the Tigray and Amhara Regional States and passed a resolution to resolve the issue. Nevertheless, the Council entirely shunned the topic of the Addis Ababa Master Plan despite it being the most contentious issue of the past one year, the cause for loss of numerous lives and, surprisingly, in spite of it essentially being a boundary issue like that raised in the Amhara region. That the Council failed to even mention the AAIDMP reveals at least three things:
· Firstly, it lays bare that the government considers the incessant killings to date as acceptable and indicates that a decision has been reached to continue along this course of action in the future.
· Secondly, it shows that those in positions of power view the mounting outcries for justice as nothing more than a nuisance and their belief that the people are powerless to effect change.
· Thirdly, it is a conclusive proof that the Oromo do not have a genuine representation in the EPRDF coalition and that there is no one that stands for the interests of the Oromo within this administration.
At the moment the so-called leaders of the country and their lapdogs are preparing to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in much fanfare, self-indulgence and profligacy with wealth they have stolen from the people through the years. How are the rest of us planning to welcome the New Year? If early indications are anything to go by, it is utterly evident that the situation that our people are in will continue to remain the same next year. We have absolutely no reason to dress for the occasion, to over-indulge in food and drinks, to wish each other a ‘Happy New Year’ and to blissfully join the chorus of celebrations outdoors. Being part of such merry-go-round would be as good as desecrating the graves of our fallen youths. To engage in festivities while being in servitude will only diminish us in the eyes of others and does not look good on us at all. Who does every penny that we spend empower? And what do they do with it? The same money that we spend goes into purchasing the bullets with which security forces gun down our fellow young men and women; finances the construction of prisons where our children are kept; strengths those in power and delays our freedom.
Hence, our resources need to be redirected to supporting our fight for freedom. We must stop handing a stick to our enemies and begging them not to hit us with it at the same time. We should not spend a penny if it means that it will impede our struggle. It is about time that we showed what we are capable of to this government that considers us toothless and has completely ignored our right to be heard. There are plenty of ways with which to put pressure on the fiscal base of the regime. Thus, in the name of the Oromo who have paid the ultimate price fighting for our freedom, we call on you to express your civil disobedience in the following forms.
1. Market Boycott
Historically, periods of holiday celebrations have been times where our people would wilfully agree to their own economic exploitation. This has been going on for ages and needs to stop. From the moment you hear about this call, join hands in refusing to take your produces to the market and avoiding any purchase of goods. To draw on experiences from the American civil rights movement, we can take inspiration from how Rosa Parks’ arrest for refusing to give up her seat led to a boycott of city busses for 381 days by black Americans in Montgomery, Alabama. We should also note that Mahatama Gandhi had employed a civil disobedience tactic of boycotting British clothing before eventually leading his people to freedom. As a people facing humiliations rivalling these, we should put our resources to better use instead of squandering them. Hence, we should refuse to take our grains, khat, coffee, livestock, honey, butter and other produces altogether to the market, and avoid the purchase of goods, clothing, food and drinks (from businesses benefiting from and supporting the system).
2. Ethio-Telecom Service Boycott
Let us for a moment imagine the amount of money we spend on any given day, particularly on a holiday, making phone calls to friends, participating in long chats and conversations, dedicating songs, asking and responding to questions, wishing each other ‘happy holidays’ and fulfilling our other communication needs. Let us now assume that at least 15 million of us have daily expenses of this sort and proceed to estimating the amount of money we add to the coffers of the state telecom provider as a collective unit. For a people seen as ‘subjects’ rather than citizens in the eyes of the state, this is not a judicious use of resources at our disposal. Money spent in this manner is one that the government will potentially use to purchase the next batch of bullets or to reward our own killers within the military. We should also remember that intelligence officers secretly tap telephone communications, which prosecutors present as evidences against our youths whose lives have been reduced to a trip from prisons to courts and vice versa. Therefore, we call on you to boycott Ethio-Telecom except in circumstances where an emergency situation may arise which requires you to make a phone call.
3. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) Service Boycott
If we use other private banks instead of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for our banking needs, we can reduce government revenues to a certain extent and weaken its capacity to exert control. We also call on those in the diaspora to use alternatives ways of sending remittances home than making transfers to CBE accounts. Let’s boycott CBE!
4. Lottery Boycott
One of the ways in which the government augments its financial strength is by targeting your very own pockets through the sales of lottery tickets that come in different names and types. Therefore, we call on everyone to boycott both the national and bingo lottery tickets.
One of the ways in which the government augments its financial strength is by targeting your very own pockets through the sales of lottery tickets that come in different names and types. Therefore, we call on everyone to boycott both the national and bingo lottery tickets.5. Transport boycott From 1-5 Pagume 2008 (6-10 September 2016), we advise the public to stage a sit-in strike and to avoid the use of transport services: cross country busses, taxis & three-wheelers and vehicles transporting goods and passengers from the countryside to towns and vice versa. If the need to travel arises in these five days, we urge you to walk where possible or stay home with your families. Also, we kindly call on private fleet operators and vehicle owners to show solidarity with the people.
As you are well aware, we have not utilised civil disobedience techniques widely and to the fullest in this country considering that the sacrifices from this form of resistance appear to be smaller by comparison. We may not like an old outfit for the New Year- especially when one can afford to buy a new one- but let’s wash our old wardrobe or even patch it up if necessary and don it for the day. It may feel strange to welcome a new year without chicken stew, an assortment of traditional food and lots of drinks but change has to start now. What is expected of us is rather effortless in the grand scheme of things: to curtail our excessive needs; to liberate oneself from cultural and societal pressures; and to be an active, politically conscious and purpose-driven member of society. It is not a new thing to have to pay sacrifices to gain one’s freedom and nobody is going to hand it to us on a plate. We need to earn it! While what our people have done in unison this year is historic, we must not let up until such time that we have completely removed the oppression hanging over our heads. Such a concerted economic civil disobedience will continue to be part of our future struggle and the youths have a responsibility to inform the people the rationale for adopting this form of struggle.
If it hinders the Oromo quest for freedom, don’t spend a dime on it!
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Nagaan Boqadhaa Gootota Jalduuf Fantaallee.

Nagaan Boqadhaa Gootota Jalduuf Fantaallee.

Du'a Oromoon du'uu qabu har'uma duune. Du'a Oromoon du'uu qabu gaafa Jaal Mustafaa Huseen faa diina galaafatanii ofiifis wereegaman duune. Duuti kaleessa kennaa isa ganamaa. Eenyumtuu ni du'a. Garuu hundi akka Oromootti hin du'u. Oromoon qofti maaliif du'a? Diinnis du'uu dha qabaa. Duuti Oromoon du'u, du'a ajjeesanii du'uu ta'uu qaba. Ergamtootni woyyaanees du'uu qabu. Ilmaan Oromoo saba keenyaaf lubbuu lama hin deebina kennaa jiran, osoo adaraa yaa hogganoota siyaasaa Oromoo, adaraa yaa abbootii qabeenyaa Oromoo ni lollaa qawwee nuti hidhaa, nu leenjisaa osoo jedhan gaafa roorroon hammaattee abbaaf haadha, obbolaaf fira biratti dhiiga dhangalaasan obsa dhabanii diina hanga funyaanitti hidhate harka duwwaa qabanii yeroo osoo ajjeessuu danda'an ajjeefamoota qofa ta'an kan nama gubu. Kan madaa hin fayyine ta'u gaafa gumaan isaaniis achumaan hafu, gaafa maatiif saba mataan cabuu. Goototni baddaa Jalduuf Fantaallee har'a ofiifis wereegamanii diinas ajjeesanii gumaa ofiitis baafatanii deeman. Bool'a isaaniitti daadhiin haa guutu. Diina ajjeesuu isaanitti erga hundi keenyaa gammadnee maaliif barbaachisummaa qawwee irra kutna? Faayidaa qawwee tokkottiin qabdu Jaal musxafaa Huseen, Jaal Galataa faa irraa hubachuu dadhabne. Kanaaf ammas yaa ilmaan Oromoo qabsoo karaa nagayaa qofa jechaa ooluu irra tarsiimoowwan qabsoo amma deemaa jiran kan akka daandii cufuu, gibira kafaluu dhiisuu, qabeenya diinaa barbadeessuuf lagachuu, biratti yoo danda'ame kuusaa meeshaa woraanaa saamuu, mana hidhaa keessaa hidhamtoota gadi lakkisuuf, qabsoon hidhannoo barbaachisaa dha. Jala jalaan qeerroo hidhachisuun dirqama, kuni har'a qofa osoo hin taane yoo mootummaan suni kufes humna hidhatee egeree Oromoof Oromiyaa tiksu barbaachisa.. Kuni kan ta'u yoo hogganootni siyaasaa Oromoo qabsoo hidhannotti amananiif walii galan qofa. Diina waan qabnu hundaan dura dhaabbachuu dha qabna. Dhiigni dhiigaan baha. Qabsaayaan ni kufa qabsoon itti fuufa



Ameerikaan, Ummati ammi kun miidhamuu ijaan osoo argituu maaliif wayyaanee gargaartii ? kan jedhu gaaffii namoota hedduuti . Ameerikaan dantaa ishee irraa kaatee waa tokko akka murteessitu kan hubatus danuudha. Dantaa kana irraa ka’uun, wayyaanee irraan dhibbaa tokkollee akka hin geesifnee wayyaaneenu bareechitee beekti. Kanaaf hammeenyi ishee daangaa dhabee, dhiigni ilmaan cunqurfamoo akka bishaanii dhangala’uu taasifama. Ameerikaan dantaa ishee naannichatti gama hunaan eegisiisuuf jecha , wayyaanee irra harka qabuun waan haqaati. Bara 1991 yeroo wayyaaneen Ameerikaa fi Ingilizii waliin mari’attu, Dolaara tokko Birri shan akka galchituu fi waggaa 20tti , Dolaara tokko birrii 20 akka geesiftuu waadaa seenuu warra keessa beekuutu dubbata. kanaaf karaa boroo ABO wal ga’iin ala godhan . Wayyaaneen Ameerikaa irraa waatokko wayita barbaaddu ykn akka itti hin dubbannee yennaa feetu, warra chaayinaa waliin waliigaltee adda addaa mallatteessitee midiyaan torban tokko guutuu odeessiti. Yeroo kana Ameerikaan rifattee harka gargaarsaa hiixattiif. Kun tapha wayyaaneeti. YKN dippilomaatoota Chaayinaa fi Raashiyaa simachuun Ameerikaa doorsifti. Kun shiroota wayyaanee lakkofsa hin qabnee keessaa isa xiqqoodha. Chaayinaan yeroo dorsiftu akkasuma.
Ameerikaa fi chaayinaa keessaa kamtu haalaan nu miidhaa jiraa ? yoo jennee, hedduun keenya, Ameerikaa jennee murteessina. Irra jireessi namootaa deebii akkasii ka kennaniif, chaayinaan Ameerikaa caalaa dhibbaa geesisuu hin dandeessuu yaada jedhu irraa ta’uu mala. Ol aantummaa Ameerikaa ilaalu irraas ta’uu danda’a. Yoo dubbii gadi fageessinee ilaallee garuu, Ameerikaan miidhama keenya ilaaltee callisuu ishee fi wayyaanee irra harka qabu isheetiin nu miidhaa jirti. Ameerikaan yoo baayyatee adeemsa akkasii fi gatii dolaara ishee ol kaasuun dantaa adda addaa argachuun nu miitii ta’aa. Investaroota dhuunfaa warra fakkaataniin warqee fi alabuuda muraasa nu saamuu dandeessi. dhugumatti addunyaa irraa sagalee qabduun dhageetti qabaachuu dandeessi. garuu sagalaeen isaan addunyaa irratti qaban akka kaleessaa miti. humni chaayinaa fi raashiyaa jabaataa dhufeera. Nurratti mitii Biyyoota biraa irrattuu murteeleen fudhachaa jiran yennaa ilaalluu Ameerikaan waan barbaaddu gochuun kaleessa beekamtuu har’aa amma tokko laafataa jira. Har’a chaayinaa fi raashiyaan addunyaa kana osoo hin beekamnee of harka galchuuf adeemsi itti jiran hedduu nama yaaddeessa. Dadhabuun ameerikaa akkuma yeroo fudhatuu, guddinni isaanis yeroo fudhatama malee kan hafuu miti. Dinagdeen isaanii haalaan guddachaa jira. Kunis yaaddoo hegareeti. Isaan walii isaanii irratti siyaasaa dhalootaan wal geeddaruu fi guddaachaa deemuun wal hordofu. Dhalooti isaanii borii ykn waggaa 30, 50, 70 boodaa akkamiin addunyaa kana saamuu fi saamsisu irratti hojjatu. Hegaree ummatoota isaani yaadanii shira meeqa hojjatan. Nuuti ammoo kan har’aayyuu of harkaa dhabnee rakkachaa jirra.Afrikaan waan qabdutti akka fayyadamuu hin eegallee fi qabeenyaan biyya isaanii yoo yeratee Afirikaatii saamuuf , Afrikaanoota siyaasaan wal nyaachisu. Dimokiraasii Biyya isaanii fi afriikaa hiiikkaa isaallee wal caalchisu. Beektoota ishee biyyaa yaasisuu. Hiyyummaan adabu.kun shira . akka hojii rimmaatii
Chaayinaan har’aa addunyaa kana tu’achuuf haalli itti deemaa jirtu haalaan yaaddeessaadha. Humni maallaqa ishee Doolaaraan gadii akka hin taanee, labsamuufii haa hafuu malee, waan murtii irra ga’ee jiruudha. Chaayinaan addunyaa kana tu’achuuf, irra jireessaan faallaa ameerikaan tarkaanfataa jirti. Ameerikaan siyaasa keessaa fi humna ittisaan itti seentee waan barbaaddu raawwattii. Chaayinaan ammoo faallaa kanaa Dingadee fi Teekinolojiin itti seentee, Biyyoota hundaa saamtee, Ummata ishee Biliyoonaan lakkaa’amuu guddisuuf tattaaffatti. Adeemsa chaayina addunyaa irraa yeroo biraa itti deebina. Har’aa garuu akkamiin miidhaa nurraan ga’aa akka jirtuu fi eenyullee xiyyeeffannaa keessa galcheenii akka hin jirree yaadachiisuun barbaada., garuu akka Rimmaa deemtee nu miidhu irraa akka dhaabbattu ykn akka itti dammaqinee jirru hubachiisuun dandaadhaa.
Wayyaaneen shiraan dorgomaa hin qabdu. Nuuti ammoo shira kana dadhabna. Wayyaanee shira irratti hojjatanii kuffisuutu danda’ama. Wayyaaneen oromiyaa keessatti OPDO tti hirkattee jirti. OPDO kana jalaa dhahuun furmaata. Biyyoota adda addaatti hirkattee dallaaloota siyaasaa bittee siyaasa taphatti kana jalaa kaasuun dansaadha. Walumaa galatti shira wayyaanee qophixeessuu hojjachuun barbaachisaadhaa. Kana namni hin yaadu osoo hin taanee irratti hin hojjannuu haa sirreeffannu. Wayyaaneen Biyyoota akka Chaayinaa , Raashiyaa , Ameerikaa , Ingilizii, Jarman , Saa’udii , Farnsaayii , kkf fakkaatan gama hundaan keessattu gama dingadee fi Investimantiin Tigiraayii fi naannoolee kan biraa keessa osoo hin qubsiisiin maaliif Oromiyaa keessa akka qubatan taasiftii ? jarri kun shira wayyaanee, wayyaaneen jiraachuu baannaan akka badanitti guutamanii jiru . kana harkaa baasuu barbaachisa. kana karaa dandeenyeen amansiisuu, yoo didan rifaasisuutu qoricha. Chaayinaan har’aa Itoophiyaa irraa liqii doolaara Biliyoona 50 ol qabdii. Wayyaanoonni kana waa lamaaf raawwatu. Tokko , maallaqa pirojekitii dhuunfaa isaanitti geeddaratan argatu. 2ffaan ammoo Biyyoonni liqeessan kun jaallatamus jibbamuus, jiraachuu wayyaaneef falmu. Dhumaatiin ummataa gonkumaa itti hin dhaga’amu. 
Chaayinaan har’aa ijoollee kumoota dhibbaan lakkaa’aman Oromiyaa keessatti barnoota malee hanbiftee jirti, warshaa fi kubbaaniyyoonni chaayina ijoollee baadiyyaa godaansisuuN, maatii irraa kutTee gatii gadi aanaan itti taphachaa jirti. wayyaaneen akka dhuunfaatti dingdeen badhaatee malee akka Biyyaatti hin jirtu. Chaayinaan garuu saamicha maqaa liqiin gaggeeffattuuf jeettee, pirojaktoota adda addaa uumtee wayyaanee jiraachisaa jirti. Chaayinaan wayyaanee caalaa Oromiyaa saamaniiru. Maallaqa liqii kan deebisaa jiru qabeenyaa Oromiyaatii. Chaayinaan Oromiyaa keessaa saamicha gaggeessitu gara biyyasheetti dabarsuuf karaa Jibuutii Dooniin dhiheessaa jirtu, kan amma dirree kubBaa ga’uu faa’aa akka ta’ee dubbatamaa jira. Saamicha kana ariifachiisuuf, baaburri haaraan ijaaramaa jiru hedduu kan nama raajuudha. Kun hundi qabeenyaa saamamuu deeddeebisuuf qophaa’aa jira. Karaa mombaasaa wanni yaadamaa jiru , karaa maluu keniyaa kan karoorfamee gaggeessffamaa jiru harki 80 chaayinaan gara biyyattitti waan fidduu fi baaftu irratti xiyyeeffatanii hojajtamaa jiran. Daandiin baaburaa guutummaa Biyyattii keessatti hojjatamaa jiran kaampaaniilee fi warshaalee chaayinaa tajaajiluuf yaadamaniiti. 
Yeroo ammaa kana lammiilee chaayinaa Itoophiyaa keessa jiran lakkoofsaan Afirikaa irraa tokkoffaadha. Harki 98 mana hidhaa keessaa kanneen dhufaniiidha. Galii argataniin mootummaan biyya isaanitti deebisee isaan ijaara. Guruuppiin ijaaramanii jiru. akkuma IMXA wayyaanee. qabeenyaa keenya duguuganii fixaa jiru . chaayinaan Biyyoo diimaa keenyaa halakanii fi guyyaa biyya isheetti guuraa jirti. Albuuda adda addaa wayyaaneenu meeshaa hin beeknee galchitee qorannoo soda malee gaggeessuun lafee keenya qofatti nu hanbisaa jirti. Anarra warri ogummaa isaaniin waan bira ga’aan ifa baasuu jedheen abdadha.
Chaayinaan , Tigiraayi keessatti pirojekitii saatalaayitii “TIG-SAT” jedhamu samiitti erguuf jirtu, warri tigiree Yoo xiqqaatee Afirikaa harka 80 akka tu’achuu akka danda’anitti hojjataafi jiru . keessattu Gaanfi afiriikaa , boruu akkuma Arab fi Naayil saati Gibitsifaa’aa irraa kireeffatu, Tigiraayi irraa kireeffachuuf taa’uu. Chaanaaloonni har’aa Itooophiyaa baayyifamaa jiran karoora wayyaanee madda galii boriif tolfachaa jirtuudhaa. Oromiyaanis boruu irraa kireeffatti. Saatalaayitiin lokaalii kun, “TIG-SAT” qofaa osoo hin taanee, teekinoolojii midiyaa televizyinii fi raadiyoo akka ukkaamsu, humna Intarneetaa guutummaatti kan balleessuudha. Kana irratti haalaan hojjachaa jiru. TIG-AIRWAY jechuuf jiru. TIG-MOBIL gabaa irra jira. Finfinneen har’a nama dhuunfaatti osoo hin hafnee waan guyyuu dubbatuu fi katabuu akka hordofan kan taasisan chaayinaadhaa. Meeshaa loltoonni eessa akka jiran osoo hin hafnee hojjtee kan kenneef chaayinaadha. Sulultaa irratti maqaa saatalaayitii jedhuun shira hojjachaa jiran addunyaatu beeka. Isnaayiparii har’a lammiileen keenya mataa ittin facaasaa jiran guutummaatti kan bitamee karaa Siyyuum masfina chaayinaa irraati. Manneen hidhaa keessatti meeshaalee teekinolojiin torcher gadhan kan kenneef chaayidhaa. 
Kubbaaniyyoonni fi warshaaleen chaayinaa Oromiyaa keessatti ramadaman hundi isaanii bakka albuudii adda addaa lafa keessaa jiru irratti dha. Jarri habaaboo homishnaa jedhanii kan hojjtan waan biraati. Simntoo baafnaa jedhanii kan oomishan kan biraati. Hammeenyi kun hundii chaayinaadhaan lammiilee keenya irratti raawwatamaa jira. Kana caalaa yeroon dubbii haalaan dubbannu ni dhufa. Ilmaan Oromoo BIYYAA ALAA JIRTAN , mormii wayita dhageesiftan gama tokkon qofaa hin ilaaliinaa. Gama hundaan ilaalaa. Beektoonni keenya baruma baraan gadaa qorachuu irra, waan har’aa nu balleessaa jiru irratti qorannoo gaggeessaa fala kaa’aa. Yaada gumaachaa . Chaayinaan miidiyaalee oromoo hundaa cufsiisuuf halakanii fi guyyaa hojjachaa jirti. Finfinnee kaasee hanga Adaamaatti Industirii zoonii chaayinaa ijaaruuf jedhamee Ilmaan Oromoo meeqatu buqqaa’aa jira ? warshaa simintoo chaayinaa Aqaaqitti dhaabbatee, DOLAARA miliyoona 300n ijaaramee keessaa maal argannee. Mootummaan naannoo oromiyaa maal argatee ? warshaan sun ilmaan Oromoo kumootaan lakkaa’aman aaraa fi dhukkeen miidhaa hin jiruu ?chaayinaan Golgaa mootummaa wayyaanee taatee hojjachaa jirti. Meeshaa militarii guutummaatti dhiheessaa jirti. Dawaa seeraan alaa torchariif itti fayyadaman isaatu wayyaaneef dhiheessa. Meeshaalee sagalee ittin waraaban mi’oota adda addaa waliin hojjachuun waajjiraa fi bakkoota adda addaatti ilmaan cunqurfamuu hiisisaa fi ajjeesisaa kan jiran isaanii . kanaafan Hojiin chaayinaa fi Rimmaa tokko jedhee. Chaayinaan haalaan nu miidhaa jirti.kana hubachiisuun dansaadhaa. Ameerikaa qofatti himuun ga’aa hin ta’uu. Chaayinaatti aanee kan wayyaanee goobsaa jiru , saa’uudii Allaamuddiin tajaajilamaa jirtuudhaa. Hindiinis akkasuma. Dantaa keenya ilaallee Ameerikaa fi chaayinaa gidduu taphachuunis karaa qabaa itti haa yaadinuu. 

#OromoProtests Duula Diddaa Bittaa Gurgurtaa ilaalchisee xalayaa hogganoota mana hidhaa Qilinxoo irraa ergame.

#OromoProtests Duula Diddaa Bittaa Gurgurtaa ilaalchisee xalayaa hogganoota mana hidhaa Qilinxoo irraa ergame.

    (xalayaa hogganoota mana hidhaa Qilinxoo irraa ergame.) 

Waggaan baranaa kun yoomiyyuu caalaa ilmaan keenya kan itti dhabane, kumaatamoonni kan itti hidhaman, hedduun as buuteen isaanii kan itti dhabame waan ta'eef lammiilee keenya kanneen yaadachuuf guyyoota gaddaa labsineef deebii ajaa'ibsiisaa kennitanii jirtu.Gocha kanaan diinni na'eera. Nutiifi sabni keenya boonneerra. Quuqamaafi jaalala ummata keessaniif jecha gatii guddaa kafaltanii deebii waamicha keenyaaf laattaniif kabaja isinii qabnuufii galata keenya isinii dhiheessuu barbaada Galatoomaa, ulfaadhaa.
Yoo waldhageenye, walitti birmannee, walbira dhaabbanne salphinni nurra jiru kun nurra hin bubbulu, bubbulus hin qabu. Tokkoon tokkoon qajjiisa funyoo morma keenyatti maramee jiru kukkunnee hanga bilisoomnutti waldhaga'uufii walbira dhaabbachuun keenya itti haa fufuu jechuudhaan waamicha biraa qabannee dhihaachuun dirqama nutti ta'ee jira.
Akkuma beektan har'as ajjeechan nurraa hin dhaabbanne, hidhaan itri fufee jira, Ambulaansonni deessotaaf kadhaan biyyoota alaa irraa argaman dargaggoota keenya akka allaattii butanii fiiguuf gandeen keenya keessa wal maruu itti fufanii jiru. Haati ilma deesse har'aas imimmaan ishee hin qoorre. Maqaan maastar pilaanii yoo ka'uu baateeyyuu har'aas ummata keenya lafa isaa irraa buqqisuun hin raawwanne.
Namoonni ilmaan keenya ajjeesan seeratti nuu haa dhihaatan jennee osoo gaafachaa jirruu dheengadda hagayya 16 Muummichi ministeeraa ifatti badhaafamanii jiru. Manni maree jiddu galeessa ADWUI hagayya 18 - 22 tti yaada yeroo irratti marii gaggeessen waa'ee daangaa Tigraayifii naannoo Amaaraa ilaalchisee hiika itti kennuuf murtii dabarsee jira. Karaa biraa garuu waggaa tokko guutuf nagaya dhabiinsaaf sababa kan ta'eefii wareegama lubbuu hedduu kan gaafate dhimmi maastar pilaanii daangaa waliin kan walitti qabate ta'uusaa osoo beekuu maqaallee osoon dhahin bira darbee jira.
Mata dureen kun osoo hin ka'in hafuunsaa yoo xiqqaate waan sadii nutti garsiisa. 
  • 1ffaa, Ajjeechaan ummata keenya irratti raawwate sirrii ta'uu isaafii akka itti fufu murtaa'uu isaa agarsiisa. 
  • 2ffaa, ummanni kun humaa fiduu hin danda'u jedhamee tuffatamuu isaa mul'isa.
  • 3ffaa, paartii biyya bitu sana keessa bakka bu'aan ummata oromoo kan hin jirre ta'uusaa agarsiisa. Eeyyee kan nuu falmu hin jiru.
Yeroo ammaa kana bulchitoonni keenyaa fi ergamtoonni isaanii qabeenya nusaamaniin alaa fi mana isaanii guuttatanii waggaa haaraa sirbaafi gammachuun simachuuf qophaawaa jiru.
Nutimmoo akkamiin simachuuf deemna? Waggaan itti deemnu kun waan haaraa nuufidee akka hin dhufne mallattoo isaa argaa jirra.
Uffata haaraa bitannee nyaata gaarii nyaannee dhugaatii gaarii dhugnee ergaa "baga geessee" walii dabarsinee bakka bashannanaa deemnee gammachuun dabarsuuf sababa hin qabnu. Haala kanaan yoo dabarsine fooniifii dhiiga ilmaan keenyaa akka soorannetti lakkaawama. Ummanni bilisummaa hin qabne wantoota akkanaa raawwachuun irraa fokkisa, nituffachiisaas. Tokko tokkoon qarshii harka keenyaa bahu eenyu harka gala? Maaliif oola laata? Naanna'ee naanna'ee rasaasa ilmaan keenya ittiin du'an bita, mana hidhaa isaan itti hidhaman ijaara, abbootii irree aangoo irra tursa, nuun ammoo bilisummaa keenya dheeressa.
Kanaaf diinagdeen qaama qabsoo keenyaa ta'uu qaba. Diinatti ulee kenninee na hin rukutin jennee kadhachuu dhaabuu qabna.
Wanti bilisummaa keenyaf hin taane qarshiin tokkolleen bahuu hin qabu, homaa nugochuu hin dandeessan jedhee mootummaa nutti dhaadatu waa gochuu akka dandeenyu yeroon itti agarsiisan amma ta'uu qaba. Karaa diinagdee malli ittiin mootummaa kanarra dhiibbaa gahan hedduutu jira. Ammatti kanneen armaan gadii hojirra akka oolchitaniif lafee ilmaan oromoo nuuf jecha wareegamaniin waamicha isinii dabarsina.
Jalbultiin ayyaanaa kun yeroo itti ummanni keenya fedha isaaniitin ofsaamsisaniidha. Saamicha kana baroota dheeraaf keessummeessinee jirra amma garuu raawwachuu qaba. Guyyaa ergaan kun isin dhaqqabee kaasee hamma bituu diduufii gurguruu diduudhaan humna harka keessan keessa jiru agarsiisaa. Gurraachonni Ameerikaa konkolaachisaan adiin tokko dubartii gurraattii tokko adiif akka iddoo gadidhiiftu ajajee isheen didnaan morma qabee gadi darbate. Gurraachonni salphina kana fala dhaabbachuuf guyyaa tokkoof otoobus yaabuu lagachuuf murteessanii garuu guyyoota 381ffaa miila isaaniin deemuudhaan ulfina isaanii deeffatan. Nutimmoo salphina kana caalu baannee maalif waan qabnu facaasaa deemna? Gaandiin ummanni Indiyaa uffata warra biritish lagatee jibrii foo'atee, dhahee akka uffatu gochuudhaan saba isaa bilisummaa gonfachiiseera. Nutis midhaan keenya, jimaa keenya, buna keenya, horii keenya, damma keenya, dhadhaa keenya, walumaa galatti oomisha keenya gabaa baasuu dhiisudhaan akkasumas meeshaalee , uffata , nyaataa fi dhugaatii bituu dhiisuudhan badiinsa nutti deemaa jiru haa hir'isnuu.
Mee guyyatti keessumaa yeroo ayyaanaa, nama dubbisuuf , sirba filachuuf, gaaffii gaafachuuf , gaaffii deebisuuf , marii irratti qooda fudhachuuf , baga geessee namaa dhaamuuf, kkf qarshii meeqa akka baafnu yaadaa. Isaan kun ummata bilisummaa hin qabneef barbaachisoodhaa? Mee isa guyyatti baaftan kana ammoo ummata keenya akkuma kana raawwatan yoo xiqqaate miiliyoona 15 ta'u meeqa akka baasu tilmaamaa. Kun hundi rasaasa ittiin duunu bituuf ykn nama nu'ajjeesu badhaasuf ooluu danda'a. Kana duwwaa miti. Dargaggoota keenya maqaaf mana murtitti deddeebi'aa jiran irratti ragaa ta'ee dhiihaachaa kan jiru ragaa teeleeti. Kanaaf haalli humnaa olii yoo numudate malee teelee lagachuudhaan maallaqa keenya haa qusannuu, bilisummaa keenya haa saffisnuu, adaba irraas haa oolluu.
Qooda baankii daldala itoophiyaa fayyadamnu baankilee biroo yoo fayyadamne , galii mootummaa hanga tokko xiqqeessuudhaan humna isaa laaffisuu ni dandeenya.
Lammileen keenya biyya alaa jiranis gara biyyaatti maallaqa wayta ergan filannoo birootti akka fayyadamaniif waamicha isaaniif goona. 
Karaalee mootummaan ittiin maallaqa saamu keessaa tokko lootorii bifaafii maqaa adda addaa qabaniini. Kanaaf lootorii biyyoolessaas ta'ee kanneen achumatti soofanii carraa ofii ilaallatan bituu lagachuudhaan qabsoo karaa diinagdee keessatti qooda fudhadhaa.

Konkolaattota naannoo tokkoo gara naannoo birootti daangaa qaxxaamuranii deeman kanneen magaalattii gara baadiyyaatti ykn Baadiyyaatii gara Magaalatti Meeshaa fi nama deddeebisan, Baajaajotaa fi Taaksii qaammee 1-5 fayyadamuu dhiisuudhaan mana akka ooltan ykn lukaan deemuudhaan qooda akka fudhattan isin yaadachiisa. Konkolaachiftoonnii fi Abbootiin qabeenya konkolaattotas ummata keessaniif aantummaa akka agarsiiftan kabajaan waamicha isiniif dabarsina.
Akkuma hundumti keessan hubachuu dandeessan malli qabsoo nuti eegalle kun biyya kana keessatti baay'inaan hojirra kan oolee miti. Wareegama xixiqqaas kan nama baasisu ta'ee mul'achuu danda'a. Osoo uffata bitachuu danda'anii isuma duraan qaban qulqulleeffatanii yoo tarsa'es hodhatanii ittiin ayyaana oolun hin beekkamne. Waggaa haaraa ittoo lukkuu, Foon , dhugaatii malee simachuunis hin baratamne. Garuu jalqabamuu qaba. Wanti nurraa barbaadamu waan xiqqoodha, oftoo'achuu, fedhii ofii daangessuu, dhiibbaa aadaa fi ollaa jalaa bahuu, Qabsaa'aa kaayyoo qabu ta'uudha.
Mirga argachuuf wareegama kafaluun haaraa miti. Sabni aarsaa osoo hin baasin abbaa mirgaa ta'e hin jiru. Waggaa kana ummanni keenya tokko ta'ee seenaa hojjatee jira. Ammallee hanga cunqursaan nurraa kufutti malleen biroo heddutti fayyadamnee qabsoo keenya itti haa fufnuu. Har'aas borus diinagdeen qaama qabsoo keenyaa ta'ee itti fufa. Dhimma kana ummata hubachiisuuf dargaggoota irraa hedduutu eegama. Kan bilisummaa keenyaaf hin fayyadne qashii tokkollee hin baasnu!!
Hagayya 24 bara 2008
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Qabsoo Oromoon Gegesa jiru kun Tofta, Tarsimoo, Caasaa Cimmaa fi Gargarsa cimmaa barbaachisa.

Qabsoo Oromoon Gegesa jiru kun Tofta, Tarsimoo, Caasaa Cimmaa  fi Gargarsa cimmaa barbaachisa.

                     (Getachew Jigi Demekssa irra)
Qabsoo biyya tokko bakkan gaa’uf waan gutamuu qabu heeddutu jira, gurma’iina, humna nama, caasaa, meesha fi mallaaqaa (dhiyeesu ykn logistic), duda dube, Oggansa Cimmaa fi gorsitoota gosa hunda qoophefachuu barbaachisa. Qabsoo amma adeemsia jiru kanaaf kana keessa maltuu guutamee maltuu hanqatee jira yoon jeedhe Oromoo gaafadhee qabsoo keenya kana waan baayetu hiratee jira. Hanqini inni gudan fi dursa furmata argachuu qabu ammoo wal dhaga’uu fi wal dhageefachuu dhabuun dhabate wal dhageefachuu fi wal hubachuu qabna. Namni yoo waa qeequu ykn  mormii kasuu namni kun maliif kana mormee ykn balaalefatu rakkoo mali arige ta’a lataa maliif mormee jeedhani dhabatan of ilaaluu barbaachisa, ofi dubatan of dhageefachuu qoofa utuu hin tanee saba ofi, loltu ofi, hayyuu ofi fi lammii ofi dhageefacha adeemuu qabna. 
Qabsoo kami fi lola kamiyuu keessati waan gutamuu qabatu fi waan heedduu barbaachiiftootatu  jira. Isaan kessa, Waaraani Ajjeeja Qabachuu qaba, Madoo loltu isaa kan walanuuf duda dube qabachuu qaba, qabsoo kamiyuu keessatti haawwasi hidhamatoota isaa fi maati isaan kununfachuu qabu. Keenya isaa kamtu hirate jene wal gorfacha fi wal dhageefacha hin jiru, qileensa keessatti fi media irratti ajjaja dabarsuun ,Face book fi Twitterdhan labsii basuun bu’aa fiduu irra gaga’ama guda fida.
FDG fi FXG kan abbuman gegesuu Qeerroo Biyoolesa Oromoo ta’uun isaa ni beekama. Qeerroon ani caasaa qaba, Ogansa mata koon qaba, kara deggersaf na qunamtanin qaba jeedhe Qeerroon Idila Adunya herregaa Bank akka qabu ibsate ture, Qeerroon Idila Adunya sana iyuu al tokkicha herregaa  Bank  isaa ibsee achuman haacaaliisu iyuu malee, barii kun bara Tefozo waan ta’eef Qeerron Idila Adunya Diaspora keessa jiru sochosu dhisee akuuma Diaspora Oromoo ol debi’ee waan rafee nati fakata. Qeerron idla Adunya Mariin goochun fi deggersa mallaaqaa isaa qeerroo biyya keessaf walti qabuu argee hin beeku, Diasporan ilee ofi isaa yaade mallaaqii bank Qeerroti erga hin jiru kun dogogora gudadha. Qeerron Biyyolesa Oromoo Ogana qabsoo  gegesa FXG ta’uu isaa fi sochii isaati boona jirachu keenya malee garggarsa goodhamaf jiru hin argine. Hanga Fayyisa Lelisa ilee dirmanan hin goodhamnef kun siirrefamuu qaba. Ogannon Qeerroo baratoon University heeddun Mada’an jiru, Mana hidhati guramani dararamani qamaa hiratan jiru. Oromoo loltuu isaa nyachiisu,   madoo isaa walanachuu fi hidhamtoota isaa kununfachuu qaba, kana goochuuf ammoo mallaaqa fi deggersa gosa hunda barbaachisa.
Maliif qeeqa kana kafte yoo jeetan garbuman hirba na dhorke halkan rafuu dadhabeen bareesuu egalee rakko nama hin rafifnetu jira. Madoo keenya biyya keessatu yaalamaa hin jiru, hidhamtoon keenya fi maatiin isaani rakkacha jiru, jeequmsa kanan jarsa fi jaartin hojjeeta fi baratan naannoo isaa irra buqa’uu biyya keessa faca’ee jira. Finfinnee keessa kan kara irra bula jiru, Baratoon University nannoo isaaniti galuu sodatani Finfinne keessa rakkacha jirantu jira. Nan yaadadha bara 2002, Bara 2004 yeroo ijoolleen University mana barumsati jeequmsaf ari”amani abba dhaban, yeroo Macaaf Tulaman diigamee namoota Walda Waqeefataa Oromoo keesa jiran murasa waliin tane Nyata fi bakka da’oo ijoollee Oromoof barbaada ture, Churchn Ortodoksi Ethiopia gaafa inni ijoollee Oromoo qabee gara Ijoollee 600 waraanaati latuu ishee hafte Walda Mekane yesusi Gulaleeti akka qubatan goone luba Tesgara Jamootu Keesumuma dhufani isaantu Bilbila na jala kasee “anni ilee keesuma dha Oromoo biyya isaa irratti bakka fi da’oo dhabe bakkeeti hin ganuu tokkoo tokkoon ergi ni simmana” na jeedhan Waldan kuni lubu meeqa du’aa olchite.
Hara’oo maltuu jira Zoon Oromoo hunda keessatti Waloo fi Wambara dabalate yakki goodhama jiru fi dararamni lammii Oromoo irratti goodhama jiru wal fakaataa dha bakka hundatuu, Kokosa fi Gadab Asaasaa, Awaday fi Haromaya, Masala fi Dadar, Manasibu fi Najoo, Ambo fi Gincci, Medaqanyi fi Jaldu, Wadeesa fi Obora, Gimbi fi Nekemte, Gujii fi Borana, Iluabbabori fi Jimma, Kamisee fi Wambara keessatti waan saba keenya irratti deemisfama jiru gadisisa fi yaadeesa dha. Mee Aanaa tokko akka fakeenyati waanin qabataman beekun isiinif ibsa kana jeechu Aannalee Oromiyaa 700 ol fi Ganda Oromoo Oromiyaa 8000 ta’aan keessatti yakka akkasitu adeema akka jiru waanin beekuufin tokkiti qoofa akka fakeenyati kasse.
Aanaa Manasibu baran Bartaa ture  bara Dargi namoon waliin hidhamne keessa tokko Henok Dagimi Jeedhama namni kun fi Hiriyoon isaa akka Hirpha Disasa, Bulti Jalata, Qajeela Abdata, Waljjira Dibari, Jirata Terfasa, Birasaa Riqitu, Marga terfasa, Youhans Gudina, Mijana Gemeda, Iyasu Dinagide, Mohamed Negara, Rega’a Mulatu, Iyasu Kasahun, Qajeela Farada, Waljjira Guta kkf bayeen isaan hanga haraati bara isaan itti hin hidhamin haafan hin jiru. Bara 1980 kassan hanga haraati ABO jeedhaman yakkamani hidhamu namon kun erga ABOn ba’ee yeroo WFDOn ijaramee ilee miseensa WFDO ta’aan ABO jeedhaman hidhamuu, biyya ari’atamuu. Bara 2014, bara 2015 yeroo amma kana ilee Hirpha Disasa, Raga’a Mulatu, Iyasu Dinagide, Bulti Jalata, Iyasu Kasahun, Mohamed Negera, Gammishas/jarse Galata,  Abdi Tamirat,  Amanu'el Balinaf  Eebbisa Balina fi kkf kan biroon  Maikalawi fi Qalenxoo Mana hidha jiru. Jarsoolin beekamon Manasiibu umuri wagga 70 fi 80 akka Obbo Waljjira Dibari fi Jirata Terfasa kkf jarsolii soramuu fi kununfamuu qaban, jarsaolii kabajamo Agaziin biyya ari’ee Finfinnee keesatti bakketi kufan jiru, Kantiiba Magala Mandi fi Ittiaanaa durta’aa WFDO kan ture Yohans Gudina fi namootaa heeddun yakka fi badii tokko malee Agazii fi ergamtoon diina Kabinooota Manasiibu biyya ari’ataman jiru. Haawwas Manasiibu Jarsoolii Uummata birrati kabajamoo fi namoota jalatamoo kana biyya ari’achu saba sana xifuma mootumma waliin wal dura dhabuu ta’uu isaa mirkanesuun jarsooliin kun umuri kanati yakka tokko ilee raawwatan kan hin beekne ta’uu ibsan.  Yakka kana Agazii kan raawwachisan fi  Namoonni yakka kana uummata kana irratti raawwatan:-
1. Waannaa Qixxaataa,
2. Tasfaayee Qajeelaa fi
3. Cuulaa Toliinaa ti yakkamtton sadan kun seerati akka dhiyaatan gaafacha jiru.
Kun gutuumaa Oromiyaa keessatti kan deema jiru dha Manasiibu akka fakeenyatin kasee malee.  Kun kan argisisu Mootumman Ethiopia saba kana bulchuu hin dandeenye, Kabine OPDO Aanaa fi Ganda Oromiyaa jirtu hunda keessatti uumata naga jeequn xifuma jeequmasa babaalisa jiru. Namoni kun maatiin isaan diigame jira ijoolleen isaan barumsa irra dhabatan jiru, beelaa fi rakkof saxilama jiru. Deggersa tokko malee gaafi tokko malee, hamilee fi kununsa tokko malee jirenya gidiira gegesa jiru, lammi Oromoo, Haawwasi Oromoo biyya keesa fi biyya ala kan humna fi mallaaqa qabu kana caalisee ilaaluu hin qabu, gargaruu qaba.
Lola fi Qabsoo kami iyuu keessati waan 3 barbaachisadha jeedhera, Qeeroon kana 3 keessa  Ogaansa fi Caasaa qaba jeenera, Duda dube (Lojistic) fi tumsi jiru garuu hin jiru. Kana qoofa miti Qeerron saganta mata isaa qaba humna isaa fi qabeenya isaa irratti hunda’uu waa inni hojjeeta jirut jira. Garuu Actvistoon biyya ala humna qeerro utuu hin madaliin fi deggersa tokko utuu hin goodhinif afaan qula yeroo ajeeja fi dirqama siiriti hin qoratamin fi siiriti hin madalamin media irran labsi basan gaga’ama utuu fidu argina. An yeerro dheeraf nama FDG kana ergan jalqaba kasse hordofa jiru. Kanaafuu ji’aa kana keessa FXG waamiichii akka Labsiti Face Book fi Median darba turan morman ture.  Hirira fi FXGn mormu miti akkata isaan itti nama wamani fi tofta dadhaba diinaf nama saxiiludha jeedhen morma ture, fakeenyaf Finfinne, Naqamte, Gimbi fi Mandi irratti hiriraf nama yeroo waman bakka akkas, sa’aa akkasi, qixa akkasi, yeroo tokkon, bakka sanati argamtan gara magaalaati socho’uu qabdu jeedha. Kana Mootumman biyya bulcha jiru iyuu kan waraana qabuu akkasti waamuu ni sodata. Kana jeechun waraana Wayyanen bakka sanati argamtun uummata hirira ba’ee rukuti jeechudha jeedhen morme, namni kun mal rakkate morma jira namni jeedhe hin jiru nama tokkotu Naqamte irra wamiichii kun dogogora qabachuu mala dhugadha nan jeedhe.
Waamiichii media fi Facebookn wamame kun bala guda fide Finfinne kara fi bakka Oromoo itti bayyatu jeedhame yaadamee hunda irratti humna waraana heeddu boobafte kampy itti Oromoo guran qoophesite keesumati Burayuu baridha ka’aan Oromoo hunda ID isaa ilaalan sasabuu egalan Vedio kana ilaala yakka hama fi suukanesa finfnfinneti Hagayya 6 raawate,  waan kana fakkatuu bakka wamiichi seeran ala wamame kanati hundati gaga’ama wal fakatatuu ga’ee Finfinne, Mandi, Gimbi fi Naqamte  bakka uumman itti walga’uuf wamame durse waraani qabate uummata egachuun tokko tokkon qabe hidhu egale Finfinnee keessa qoofadha  namaa 3,500 akka Vedio irratti argamuu kana reebame Matahaarati ( Awash Arba) ti gurame torban lama hidhaman kan amayuu achit hafee Godiinalee fi Aanaalee Oromiya keesa wari guraman Dedhessaa, Xolayi, Sanqalee, Balee fi shawa roobiti guraman.
Gaafa Mata haadadha, wayya gurcha ufadha jeedhan ilee nan morme toftan kun qeerroo ijoollee Oromoo biyya jirtu diinaf saxila, biyya ala namni jiru goochu ni danda’aa. Namni biyya ala jiru Mata Haadachuu fi wayaa gurcha ufachuu qoofa utuu hin tanee quulaa isaa iyuu dhabate mormii isaa argisisuuf mirga qaba, ijoollee biyya keessa harka diina jirtun kana goodhi jeechun deemi mana hidha dhaqi jeechu dha. Waan hojeenu waan bu’aa fiduu ta’uu qaba malee waan lammi bala gudaf saxiiluu ta’uu hin qabu. Waan hojjeechuuf jeenuu dura Oganni waan sana gegesuu ta’ee bu’aa inni fiduu fi bala hin qabuu wal birra qabee madaluu qaba. Sochiin qabsoo goodhamu dura siiriti qooratamu fi irratti mari’atamuu qaba. Malee qabsoo gegefama jiruti mirqanee  dirama gaga’ama fidu uummata ajaajjuu hin qabnu, uummani fi qeerron diina falma jiran kun harka qula jiru.
Diaspora biyya ala ta’ee ajaajja dabarsuu kun Qeerroon meesha waraanaa waan ittin bitatuu gargara hin jiru, Ijoolle qeerron hidhamte fi Hospitala jirtu Ufana dhisati waan nyatu hin qabdu. Mecha fi Tulami Prof. Asafa jalatan Oganamuu garggarasa hanga tokko akka goocha jiru nan beeka. Garuu Haawwas Oromoo Adunya irra jiru wara qabsoo haqa gegesa jiran kana akka itti gargaran qindoomini gariin hin jiru. Hundi nama waan barbade goodha jira, kun siiri miti, ABO fi WBO maaf loluu didan kan jeedhan wara komatuu malee WBOn maliin lola nama jeedhu dhaga’ee hin beeku. Giduu kana namni tokko Suura WBO mila qulaa adeemu maxanse ture heeddun gade, waraanaa qoophe hin qabne bosonatti naqne dhifne maliif lolu dide jeedhan komachuu irra of gaafachuu qabna.  Ano maliin goocha jira jeedhan of gaafachuu wayaa, nami hundi waan dandeesu goodhi. Ani fi maatiin koo ilee erga mana bane waan dandaye hunda caraquu irra guyya tokko ilee sa’aa tokkof of qusane hin beeknu. 
Torban darbe Mal goonu ? kan jeedhu Bareefama tokko qoophese dhaabbilee Oromoo fi deggertoota Bilisumma fi Walabummaa Oromiyaa hundaf ergen ture, namoon yaada na gumachiftan asuman hundi keessanu galatoman jeedha. Dhaabbileen Oromoo umuri keessan gutuu yaada uummata gorsa nama hin dhageenye ilee galatoman isiinin jeedha.  Garuu Actvistoon Oromoo (Diaspora) utuu iyyata koo kana dhageessan qabsoo Qeeroon ijoollee Oromoo ji’aa 10 gutuu utuu wal irra hin citiin itti du’aa jiran kana buutani Habaasha jala galchuuf katan hubadha dogogoraa jirtu. Lakkisa dhabadha yaada diina hin tufatiina gara keessan hin laatiinafi, guyuma tokkooti gamadani diina duka hin utalina, torbanuma tokkooti Afaan Oromoo lagatani Afaan Amharan bareesuu warii egaltan dhaabbadha. Nama yaada keessan dhageefatee isiin irra fudhatuu ilee dhabuuf deemtu qubee generationin Afaan Amhara hin beeku, Diaspora mee of qusadha.
Oromoo yeroo meeqa dogogoruu qabna ?.
·        Gobana Dacee Duran Ethiopia tokko goodhe ergasi Minilikin buqisee angoo qabadha jeedhe ture jeedhama, garuu yeroon Ethiopia hunda qabate tokko goodhe Finfinneeti deebi’uu minilik durse Summi keenamef awwalcha garii ilee dhabe.
·        Fewuterari Habte Gorgisi waldhabde xiinoo Lij Iyasu Ali  waliin goodhate waan guda goodhe qeesoota Habaashati michoome  lij Iyasu dhabamisise Teferi Angese of ilee Sumiin dhabamsifamee
·        Gaafa Teferi (Haile Silasen) kufuu Oganoon Warana heeddun Oromoo dha Dhaabilee siyaasaa jiran tokko irra kan hafee kani Oganni isaan Oromoo dha garuu hundi isaan Oromoo dhisan Ethiopiaf dhaabatan utuu wal lolan Habaashan Dargi dhuma isaan ijaran itii galagalachite hunda isaan dabare dabareedhan rukute Qarroon Oromoo hundi dhabaman.
·        Bara Dargin kufe ilee Habaasha Amanani Waraanaa Kampy galchani ofi deemun hanga yoona lammii Oromoo keessa isaa madeese jira
·        Inni amma ammoo kan caaluu Dhaabbilee Oromoo tokko ta’uu dadhabani diina Oromoo waliin yeroo tokko ta’aan ijan arga jira.
a.     Waga 6 dura gaafa dhaabi Oromoo tokko Habaashan wal ta’ee Minisoota USA bakka Oromoo kumi 50 jiratuti Sirba Gurage dhichisaa bulaan vedion arge gade garatu na cite. Habaashan garuu isaan gowomsine jeedhe video dhan media hundati gadi dhisan
b.     WFDO fi KBO ilaalcha adda adda qabatan ilee utuu beeknu akka Oromoon tokko ta’uu goone  erga tokko ta’aan booda KBO ilaalcha nu irratti jibinu sana ol base MEDRAKti gale Arena Tigira fi Sayee Abirha faa waliin dhichiisuu egalan, jeequmsi hin wayyuu jeene caailfne obsneef, asii irratti dhabachuu dhisee ammiyuu Neo-minilikan Samayawi Party fi MEISOn waliin hojjeechuf deema. Ijalaafeetiin obboleessaf deesi jeedhama OFC asi irratti dhabachuu qaba, WFDOn kayyoo inni dhabateef hundi haqame waan jiruf kana booda waliin deemu hin danda’an kan jeedhu ejjennoo Miseensoota WFDO hunda ta’ee jira. Wajjira OFC cufa ta’uu sun gaafa banamu iyuu Afaan Amharan nu dubsuu kan jeedhan Oromoon wajjiricha baqachuu isaan fi akka WFDO qoofati soocha’a jirachu isaan ibsacha jiru.
c.      Bara 2011 kessa ammoo du’aa Melese Zenawi booda ‘secessionists’ Nationalistoon ango akka hin qabaneef mootumman USA fi Sabi Ethiopia waan goochu qabu qabxilee 5 lafa ka’uun qabsoo Oromoon wagga 40 gooti heeddun itti wareegamee kara itti cufuf akeeka kawamee sagalee fi bareefaman ragan guda na harka jira.
d.     Torban kana ammoo Oromoo fi Amhari hiidi keenya tokko warii gargari nu basuu feetan fi warii tokkumma keenya hin jalane daftan bakka barbaadachuu qabdu isiin dhabamsifna kan jeedhu of egannoon saboontota Oromoof keenama jira.
e.      Barana ammoo Medical Doctorin Oromoo (ODF) of jeedhe tokko ani Gondore dha ani Gojamee dha ani kana boode secessionists  miti, ani kana booda ‘zerenya’ miti, ‘zeranyoon’ fi nationalistoon baduu qabu jeechun yeroo lama fi sadi Paltak Habaasha keessatti dubaacha ture, kun Oromoo heeddu gadisise jira;
f.       Ibsi fi dhadannoo ba’uu hundi Afaan Amharan ta’aa jira, wal ta’aan diina TPLF hama kufisun garii dha. Garuu haruma diina amanan saboontoota Oromoo sosodachisuun kun bala qaba. OPDOn Oromoo qulquluu Haacuce Tigire fi Amhara Afaan Oromoo dubatan hunda Koree Hojii raawachiftuu fi kore Gidugaleessa akka goote bori ilee akkas goona jeedhan Actvistoon Diaspora Oromoo Makoo, jaldhufa, Gudifacha fi Neo-Nefxanya Afaan Oromoo beekuu ijjaracha jiru, garuu hin milka’an.
Dhamasan isaanf qabu tokkiti dhaabbi Oromoo ykn Namni Oromoo Habaasha waliin hariroo ykn waltajii ijjarate milka’ee beeku hin jiru, akkuma gararati jeedhe Dhaabbileen ykn namoon Habaashati froman   hundi booden isaa badiituu isaan qunamee. Gobana Dace, Habtegrorgis Dinagide, Tefari Banti, Icaat, MEISON, OPDO, OLF (Chartaraa Wayyaanee) ti hin milkofne. Kana irraa maaliif baraachuu dadhabdan. ODF fi Actvistoon Oromoo Habaasha jalati gurma’uu yaalaa jiran ilee hin milka’an 100 % isiinfin mirkanesa, ofi ilee badani Oromooti ilee dhiiga dhangala’uu ba’isuu, Oromoon isaa durii miti TPLF siiriti reebde of barsifte jirti. Kana malee ammoo akkuma OPDO saba guda kana takalani saba xiiqa jala galchuuf yaadun matan isaa Oromumaa of keessa dhabu dha  ykn rakko enyuuma wara qabantuu biyyoota wara lixaa jala seene Oromoo takkaluu yaala. Oromoon wara lixaa ilee Habaasha ilee hin amanu sababin isaa laachun isaantu waligalee waga 150 nu garbomfate. Yaada furmata yoo barbadan email dhan mali goonu kan jeedhun  isiin erga  ykn Kitaaba Bu’aa Ba’ii Qabsoo uummata Oromoo Garbumaa irra Gara Bilisummati jeedhu dubisa.
Ani tokkumma Oromoo fi Amhara hin mormuu garuu dursa nu Oromoon tokko ta’uu qabna, tokkuman keenya kun kabaja fi sadarkan keenya akka gudatuu goodha, lamaffaa feedhi fi haalaa Qeerroo dargagoota Oromoo xiyeefana keessa galcha mari’achuu qabna, kayyoon fi feedhin Oromoo maritti hin dhiyane jirachuu qaba, fakeenyaf wa’ee Afaan Oromoo, wa’ee lafa wa’ee hirre murtefana Oromoo kkf gaafi fi feedhi uummata ta’a kabajuu qabna. Waan wal qeeqnu ilee Afaan Oromoon goochu qabna. Waan walii keenya qeeqnu Afaan Amhara ykn Afaan English bareesun maliif tokkoffaa Afaan Hojii Oromoof Afaan Oromoo hata’uu jeecha Afaan biran fayadamuun seera of murtesite cabsuu dha isaa kana yeroo birra irrati dubana.
Bilisummaan Oromoo fi Walabumman Oromiya ni mirkna’aa !!!
Na ofkalcha

An eye witness account of the #GrandOromiaRally in Shashemene, West Arsi, 6 August, 2016.

An eye witness account of the #GrandOromiaRally in Shashemene, West Arsi, 6 August, 2016.
                                             (By XXXXXX)
It was quarter to two when I heard the first gun sound being fired. At that moment I was eating my breakfast with other six friends of mine who were eager to participate in the Grand #OromoProtests. We hardly believed that the sound we heard was a gun sound. Prior to that we had been discussing and arguing that this protest may not be possible because of heavy military presence. We saw more than 15 patrols (pick up cars) and Orals (lorries) who had been carrying Agazi, Federal, Oromia, and City police to place where Qerros of Shashamanne planed to gather for Grand Rally. To our surprise a military vehicle which seems to us a military tank with a man on top with sniper passed to a planned gathering location known by name 30 (Salasa). This was before the first gun sound was heard.
We hurriedly ate our breakfast, and left the compound of the hotel which is in front of the new bus station, located about 700m from 30 (Salasa). I can't believe my eyes, despite that heavy military presence, I saw in distance brave Qerros waving the flag of resistance, carrying and chanting their slogans in the face of those ruthless security forces.
When it was just 2 o'clock, residents already started marching towards the planned gathering site. All roads that lead to the site were blocked by government security forces. They would beat and arrest anyone who took the direction of the site. As such we can't able to join those brave Qeerros on the gathering site. We have tried, but the security forces forcefully prevented us from joining them. We made another protesters' group. Our number increased exponentially within few minutes. Shortly, we were surrounded by Oromia police; everyone kneeled down with crossed hands over head; some were crying by shouting 'Freedom/Bilisummaa', some were chanting different slogans loudly, some were recording video and taking pictures. We stayed defiant to verbal intimidation and rubber stick hit by the policemen. We showed how much we were peaceful, and we showed how much we were defiant to intimidation. Then out of desperation, they used tear gas and fire bullets to air to disperse this group of protesters which its number was massively increasing.
We walked some fifty meters away from the place where tear gas was suffocating the surrounding air. Here we were joined with another group of protesters who came from 81 direction. Shortly, many such groups joined us one after another, doubling and tripling our numbers. Now, our number was not less than 6,000; we can see at a distance four more groups with much more population size than ours. In every such group, there were people from all walks of life. There were elders, religious and community leaders, civil servants, some ruling party members, famous business men and women, students, teachers, a disabled man on wheelchair, the list goes on.
A disabled man on wheelchair began leading our group, a collection of some six thousand protesters, forward to a center of the city. He had been motivating, and warning us that no one shall fear, no one shall run. Everyone there amazed by his courage and bravery. This time military forces were doing whatever possible to them, to prevent protesting crowds from joining each other, and mostly preventing protesters from marching to a center of city where there is a military camp and other government offices.
Protesters continued chanting different slogans that ask for a release of opposition leadears like Bekele Gerba, fair distribution of wealth, freedom of all kinds, and end of the killing of Oromo civilians. Despite people were asking them to stop killing, they shot in the head and killed one protester on spot who carried a resistance flag. That was a real tragedy, a prototype of their inhumane and savagery. No one rushed, everyone worked hard to take a body of the protester, and the killers, Agazi soldiers, did the same to prevent protesters from taking the body. After witnessing the defiance of the protesters, they left us to take a body, which was latter taken by his family members to his home. The protest continued with more loud voice and anger.
There were only Agazi soldiers as time went on. Later, we informed that Agazi soldiers asked for removal of Oromia and City police by citing that they fear them for their lives because a member of Oromia police who had been working with them cried the time he saw how they shot and killed the protester explained above.
The Agazii became so merciless. It seemed they became desperate as time went on; they almost stopped using tear gas; they had been firing one out of four bullets directly to protesters. They took away those shot by their bullets. They never allow anyone to take injured protesters. Conditions became tensely volatile, Heavy gun sound being heard across the city. They had been forcefully carrying protesters in to their patrols. They inhumanly beat anyone fell in their hand. Still people were demanding with powerful voice that TPLF must go.
Later on, around 11:00AM, they managed to divide protesting crowds in to many small groups of protesters. They shot in to head of another protester who carried a flag of resistance. No doubt that he was shot with accurate target from sniper. Otherwise, it is so difficult to target a single skull out of thousand skulls. Oh! it was painful and saddening to see such trauma. The vehicle that look alike a tank was doing this mission throughout the day. That cruel soldier on top of this vehicle who for himself was inside a rectangular metal box was committing this heinous crime, shooting anyone he liked to kill with snipper.
In around 12:05AM we got information from Melka Oda Hospital that government security forces had shot with live ammunition and injured more than fifty Protesters with rubber and metal stick. And even there were more than half a dozen who were stabbed with sharp knife after they had been caught by Agazii soldiers. Three of of the injured protesters who sustained severe head injury were referred to Black Lion and Hawassa Referral Hospitals. No doubt that there might be many more who were taken to other public and private health institutions. At that critical time many causality reports were being transmitted among protesters. An eyewitness also told me that one additional person, an elder in his 50s, was killed around the new bus station just in front of Madda Walabu Hotel according to this informant. According to other eyewitness, an adult in his late 20s or early 30s, was killed near Hamza Mosque.
Being informed about overwhelming number of causalities, protesters started blocking roads with stone, of course, with cobblestone too. This had somehow halt the previously unrestrained movement of the killer Agazii soldiers' vehicles. Now they were not freely patrolling through the city to arrest and shot anyone they want. Around 12:30 AM internet blackout followed; the protest continued, many more being injured, at least least 700 arrested, three were confirmed killed and others still persistently demanding justice, chanting slogans, blocking roads, some returning to their home. 1:10 AM heavy rainfall came, still protest continued for about half a hour. Uninjured and unarrested returned to home, calling to each other, asking who was injured, who was arrested from their families, friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc.
This was only what had happened in Awasho sub city, there were similar rallies in other parts of the city. It was estimated that more than one hundred fifty thousand people might have attended this Great Grand Rally in Shashemene alone.
We never forget. We shall and will win sooner than later.

Behind the Violence in Ethiopia

Behind the Violence in Ethiopia

Will Its Experiment With Ethnic Federalism Work?

hen U.S. President Barack Obama visited Africa a year ago, he ended his five-day tour by visiting Ethiopia, the continent’s second-most-populous country. He ­enthusiastically praised Addis Ababa for its role in regional peacemaking, most visibly in and between Sudan and South Sudan, as well for as its careful management of its diverse population; the country is home to tens of millions of Muslims and Christians, who, for the most part, live together peacefully. Obama also highlighted Ethiopia’s track record as a developmental state. In the last quarter century, it has lifted millions of people out of extreme poverty, cut child mortality rates for those under five by more than two-thirds, and overseen a decline in HIV/AIDS-related deaths by more than 50 percent. With Somalia haunted by the jihadist group al Shabab, South Sudan facing an all-out civil war, and Eritrea hemorrhaging thousands of young people fleeing to Europe via the Mediterranean, Ethiopia stood out as a bastion of progress and stability.
Yet today, Western diplomats and intelligence services are scrambling to assess a series of alarming protests in Ethiopia—what activists have labeled #ethiopianprotests—that are raising questions about whether Africa’s brightest growth story of the last decade is about to unravel. There have been months of demonstrations in Addis Ababa and the surrounding region of Oromia, where more than 35 percent of the Ethiopian population lives. Thousands of Oromo are contesting the unequal gains of the country’s developmental programs, even in the face of live bullets. But what has really instilled a sense of crisis is the violence that has rocked the Amhara region, where long-standing tensions boiled over into the ambush of a senior federal police commander and Amhara protesters, armed with guns, fighting street battles with soldiers. Nobody knows the official body count, but at least several hundred have died over the past few months.
Understanding the demonstrations, and their violent escalations by both security forces and protesters, requires a look at the ideology and political practices of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which has governed the country since its overthrow of a military dictatorship in 1991. The protests, which are neither a new phenomenon nor uniform in their demands, revolve around the fundamental question at the heart of Ethiopian politics in both the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries: how to turn a violently built, multiethnic former empire into a modern nation-state.

Protesters chant slogans during a demonstration over what they say is unfair distribution of wealth in the country at Meskel Square in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, August 6, 2016.

Protesters chant slogans during a demonstration over what they say is unfair distribution of wealth in the country at Meskel Square in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, August 6, 2016.
The answer for the EPRDF has always been a combination of ethnic federalism, revolutionary democracy, and state-led development. The party emerged out of decades of civil war, in which ethnically based rebel fronts confronted central (or rather, centralizing) governments in Addis Ababa, and it consists of a coalition of several of these groups. Among them, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front is the first among equals, even though it hails from a region where only seven percent of the population lives. Because the EPRDF came to power by drawing on resentment against the ethno-chauvinism of successive Amhara-dominated regimes, there was a real risk that the country would disintegrate into the kind of anarchy that characterized Somalia at the time. The Front’s solution was to grant self-determination, including the right of secession, to all of Ethiopia’s nations and nationalities: instead of denying ethno-regional identity, the EPRDF turned it into the cornerstone of its new state, hoping to draw out the venom from the imperial legacy of coerced assimilation. After decades of civil war, Eritrea peacefully left Ethiopia in 1993, but the other ethnic groups—including the Oromo, Tigrayans, and Amhara—remained, having been granted self-rule within regional states.
This solution struck many constitutionalists as unworkable because it appeared to institutionalize inter-regional confrontation, thereby merely postponing Ethiopia’s dissolution. But because of the EPRDF’s Marxist-Leninist leanings, its interpretation of ethnic federalism was borrowed from Stalin’s template for how to organize a multinational federation: autonomous states can be kept together only by the ironclad grip of a vanguard party. This ideology continues to guide the Front today. As a result, the EPRDF dominates all regional states through satellite parties in an attempt to harmonize socioeconomic policies and prevent a resurgence of ethnic antagonisms. Political organization is everything for the Front: it rejects Western liberal democracy and instead practices “revolutionary democracy,” which prioritizes Leninist democratic centralism while recruiting millions of Ethiopians from all ethnic groups into party ranks. The role of the masses is hence framed in terms of revolutionary and administrative mobilization, not liberal participation.
Initially, the idea of retaining local language and identities, of nations and nationalities electing their own representatives, was genuinely popular.The endurance of this ideology is also evident in the EPRDF’s long-term strategy to overcome ethno-regional rifts. Marxist ideology posits that ethnic identity is “false consciousness” and that the only true division in society is class; the political gamble underpinning the EPRDF’s developmental state project is that the material transformation of Ethiopia, particularly its rural areas, will ultimately lead people to forget the identity politics of old. The historical materialism of the Front, along with an organiz­­ational culture of secrecy nurtured by the armed struggle, also explains its distrust of liberal democracy: the people simply cannot yet be trusted with bourgeois freedoms.
For years, the triad of ethnic federalism, revolutionary democracy, and state-led development allowed the EPRDF to claim that it embodied legitimate and, above all, highly effective government: if Ethiopia receives several billions of dollars annually in overseas assistance it is not just because it has been an indispensable partner in the global war on terrorism but also because aid experts remain thrilled about the success of pro-poor government programs in education, health, and infrastructure. But now, the EPRDF is facing a crisis of authority, with both its legitimacy and its effectiveness in question.