Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Dambi Dollo Airport Fiasco Must Open up our Eyes on where the Oromo People are economically!
The Dambi Dollo, Western Oromia, airport joke that the Ethiopian government claimed opened today after closing it for the last 25 years reminds us of the grim reality of Oromo economic, political and social exclusions.
Leaving aside the empty muddy field the government claimed cost it somewhere between $33 million to $80 million Ethiopian Birr(all of which is presumed to be embezzled), Ethiopian airlines, the Ethiopian national carrier, was established and still continue to be sustained by the Oromo people’s coffee, gold, and tax money, among other things.
Yet Ethiopian Airlines is not flying anywhere in Oromia except Jimma and Dire Dawa.
For all practical purposes, the domestic destinations of Ethiopian Airlines are all north-bound. Yet, it continued to evict Oromo farmers from their land and bleed our people in Oromia.
The Oromo people, individually and collectively, must give serious thoughts on how to end the leisure life of the free-riders and use their tax money and earnings from the export of their commodities and other natural resources for their own development.
The attached map shows the current domestic routes of Ethiopian Airlines while the picture shows the Dambi Dollo Airport in Western Oromia that the Ethiopian government claimed to reopen after 25 years and investing $33 to 80 Million Ethiopian Birr.

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