Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Amhara Nationalism on Rise?
Ethiopians politicians in general and Amhara elites in particular have exhibited new political developments, in the most recent time. The first and most important trend of change in this block is the re-emergence of Ethno-nationality Amhara elites outside the ruling party TPLF/EPRDF camp. The second contending trend is the continuation of pseudo multinational politics under Ethiopianst mask.
The emergency of nationalist Amhara elites at least in dubious form (such as Moresh Wegeine Amhara Organization, Bete Amhara) is the indicative of progressive development in the camp.These groups appear as re-claimant or successor of Pro. Asrat Woldeyhes’s All Amhara Unity Organization (AAUO) which was hijacked by Haliu Shawel and falsely changed to All Ethiopians Unity Organization (AEUO) in the pre-2005 election. This group has been repeatedly presenting call to its complements by indicating that the Menelik Ethiopia has already decayed and Amhara should not cry for the dead fish but organize itself across ethnic political framework. The ongoing resistance and/ or protests reported in Amhara region might also be another attempt to this end!!
Whatever the merit of objective of this group, their move to unmask pseudo nationalism and organize and mobilize their constituencies across own national political interest should be appreciated. All have clear understanding about the what ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ plus (+) ‪#‎AmharaProtests‬ would perform in Ethiopian politics. But really is Amhara Nationalism on Rise?

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