Tuesday, July 12, 2016

‪#‎Ethiopia‬: Total internet blackout.
Social networking sites as well as Play Store were blocked one after another since Friday. In the process, mobile internet connection had become increasingly difficult. On Monday, several banks including Ethiopian Airlines had difficulty with their networks. The situation eventually turned into total internet blackout on Monday evening (from 7 pm until I posted this note).
It appears the effort to block all possible ways of circumvention led to an almost total collapse of the system. (as I anticipated in an earlier post).
My hypothesis is that too many filtering commands on the firewall had the effect of shutting down the internet almost completely. Thus, I expect partial access will be restored as soon as they figure out the "bad commands" and remove them. After all, this is nothing but an experiment.
( I prepared this note to be posted as soon as access is restored)

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