Saturday, July 9, 2016

An interesting observation.

 by Biyya Oromiyaa
"289.4 billion in ten years for Addis Ababa master plan?
Abyssinian want to replicate the British and French model of social development which based itself on London and Paris respectively. Addis Ababa cannot be London or Paris.
But it can grow and prosper as Finfinnee, just like London has as an English city. Addis Ababa cannot continue to be an Amhara city with Tigre buildings and Oromo guards.
Over the years, London and Paris grew and the rest of the country melted and depended on them. Greater London population is now 8.5 million while Paris has 12 million inhabitants. The second largest city in the UK, Birmingham, is only 1 million while Marseilles, second largest city in France, has only 850000 inhabitants.
This is what Abyssinian want fast forward 40 years from now. A metropolitan Addis Ababa with 6 to 8 million people, a melting pot and cultural genocidal machine, to continue to morph the Abyssinian Ethiopia the Amharas and Tigres have been building. No, this cannot happen. Finfinnee will happen, Addis Ababa should be dead and buried, with the tricolor flag.
For a country of cultural and social diversity and political adversities, urbanization and social development must be decentralized and regional cities and towns must be stimulated to prosper. For this, the government must start to take a note and change Addis Ababa fundamentally.
A contrast to the British and French model is Germany's one. By design, Germany has federal arrangement and its economy is fairly distributed across the country, where its urban centers are also fairly distrusted across the country. The largest city Berlin has 3.2 million people while the second largest Hamburg has 1.6 million, fair margin between the two. Each city has its own economic powerhouse and footprint in the country. Frankfurt is the Financial hub, Berlin the political capital, and Munich the motor industry's heartland.
Regional cities in Ethiopia are completely dwarfed by Addis Ababa. The city has 3.3 million inhabitants without including the satellite towns around that are more or less an extension of its social and economic structure. Regional capitals and towns such as Mekelle, Bahirdar and Adama has less than half a million inhabitants. Their economies represent fraction of what Addis Ababa's neighborhood.
Now, tell me, how is 289.4 billion in ten years any different that a London and Paris model? You want to emulate the French and the British? You want to continue to create an Abyssinian empire melted on Addis Ababa? NO. Not gone happen. Brace for impact, Addis Ababa must die, it will dissolve."

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